Wednesday, 26 January 2011

V&R Menswear

I love this look from the Viktor and Rolf menswear show.

The mix of fabric is stunning.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

One of my Vices: Cute Jewellery.

I love these adorable pill pins by LA-based jewelry label Cast of Vices.

You don't need to pop any pill to get your fix....just visit here to see the collection.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Black Swan

I am VERY excited to see this film....roll on february..

Natalie Portman looks incredible...

Friday, 14 January 2011

GlobalCool: 'Turn up the Style, Turn Down the Heat'

So this tuesday evening I was invited to the lovely GlobalCool, 'Turn Up the Style, Turn Down the Heat' event in leeds, at the Remade in Leeds studio, right by Hyde Park.

The night was fun, full of yumminess and plenty of gorgeous sweaters and fab fashion trimmings.

I took my seamstress/designer friend, Ewa, with me incase I needed a little help with my sewing technique- which I did because I think I chose one of the hardest fashion trims to attach to a gorgeous merino wool, navy in colour, sweater, provided by the yummy vintage shop- Blue Rinse, in leeds.

We walked into a warm,cosy room full of amazing fashion pieces from Antiform, designed by Lizzie. I was greeted by Rochelle, a lovely, down to earth woman who helped in organising the event- she showed us where the cupcakes were so we became best friends :) ...myself and Ewa had a yummy coffee from the cute, vintage cups and saucers, in an amazing room: it was surrounded by materials,fabrics and fab vintage table cloths.

After we were warmed up with good coffee, and unbelievable cupcakes (provided by The Marvellous Tea Dance Company) we walked through into the workshop studio (through a fab room, absolutely covered in manuscript paper).

There was en excitable creative atmosphere in the room, I was really excited about refashioning my chosen with the camera's rolling, GlobalCool introduced themselves, as did Lizzie and then we became our own fashion designers and began to redesign our knitwear.

I chose a plain, v-neck navy merino wool sweater to refashion and make into something a little more stylish rather than very classic and chic. I was drawn to this type of knit because...oh soft! Also, I have this type of knit in my wardrobe but I don't think I would ever pick it out of my wardrobe and start sewing, cutting and adding trimming to it, just because I would feel a little anxious to work on this amazing fabric, but with this event, it gave me the confidence to get on with it and start redesigning the sweater. I knew I wanted to add a collar-like piece to the knit, to emphasis the neckline, so I chose a gorgeous vintage looking doily to attach around the neckline: the big flower shapes and lacing added real excitement to the simple navy knit, the sweater looked fab once finished: I'm going to wear my new design to university, to show my fashion friends and without a doubt this sweater will be on my back for a long time, if i could wear it in the shower, I would- the soft knit, the colour and that little extra detailing is just gorgeous and very me.

Ewa, picked an army printed sweater and wanted to make it look a little sexier- she added black lace right done the centre and a cute sequinned bow tie at the neckline- it looked fab!

The event was brilliant, i'm very grateful for the invite: the music was fab, the people were friendly and very helpful, the cupcakes were incredible, the sweaters were amazing, even more so when we each got our fashion hands onto them.....

GlobalCool has another event in Brighton on the 25th January: all my Southern readers if you can get yourself to the event- you will definitely enjoy yourselves- if you love to customise clothes, if you have always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, and you would like to save money (lets not forget the reason of the event- to turn down the heat and grab your sweater, and save on heating bills) this event is for you!

Thank you GlobalCool for inspiring me to go through my wardrobe and do some amazing customising to some of my clothing, for helping me with giving me great ideas to save cash, and for the fab evening.

Loved it.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

To start the new year...stunning fashion imagery

Happy New Year readers!!

Hope the festivities have been fabulous for you all.

...and yes, I know I'm a bad friend...I haven't updated on here for a long time, this is because I had 4 deadlines to complete for uni over the festive, mince pie eating period: I had a photoshoot for a live brief to do (which if you are interested in seeing my project from the very beginning, see my journal blog for the project); I had my first experience working with male fashion- I did a fantastic and very successful style consultation with my brother aka mrYen; I had to finish my journal for our christmas fashion show for university and I still have my contact book to as you can see, busy busy busy bee I have been.

Anyway, lets move on, don't want to bore you guys anymore.....

So 2011, wow the years are going by quickly: New Years resolutions for this year- definitely eating less (such a cliche,sorry) and visiting more exhibitions to keep my creative juices flowing.

To start this year on here, I figured I would open with gorgeous imagery from an amazing photographer.


I came across this photographer from a blog I follow, Habitually Chic: this image made me want to find out more about the creative.

Guy Aroch's images are distinctive in that the colouring and the tone of the image is so timeless. The images almost look vintage like- I really love this look.

Guy has lived in the amazing city of New York since 1993, where he has grown as a creative person and his work has been influenced by the amazing surroundings. Today he is one of the leading photographers in fashion, beauty and entertainment. Specifically with his signature use of colour and tones, his images feel fresh, modern and unique.

Guy has shifted his creative abilities over to the moving image where he is directing pieces for his clients and editorial partners.

Guy Aroch spends his time between New York, London and Paris.

...what a lucky guy...