Thursday, 31 July 2008


The shoot in this weeks Look is stunning. The story, Vintage Belle is based around this retro cool, 'borrowing from your grannies wardrobe' style. The chosen location is so 'oldy wordly' as my dad would say and it adds to this classy sense i get from the shoot. Looking at the styles it looks like the stylist has looked at a variety of different eras. The 20's, 40's even the 1800's is coming through with peach laces and sheer fabrics. Buy the magazine this week to check out the shoot and if not for the shoot then for the 401 friday night looks the magazine has so very nicely helped us with! Keep up the good work auntie eve!

Fall idea?! Dark Knight inspiration

The other day i went to go see the brilliant film, The Dark Knight. If you haven't seen the film you should definately go see it: if not for the action and the styling (spesh at the dinner ball!) the amazing acting from the late, Heath Ledger. His role as the joker was absolutely amazing! In some ways though, obviously i haven't met Heath but some of the jokers character i think he had in himself. Anywhoo im going off track....

I came across another article that showed this 'superhero' style fashion. And certainly this fall the tartan look i.e visit Topshop and see their new Wonderland collection, is very on trend.The fashion garment comes from the brand Therapy sold in House Of Frasier, the dogtooth pattern and specifically the colour of the dress really reminds me of a glamorous superhero character! I'm not one for lots of colour, but with this i might change my ways, the price is super too, at £45 you can afford to 'fly into danger' and not worry about any, er...rips! And with its detachable bow the dess can be worn for an evening of 'superhero..ness' or through the day when you need to keep your identity under wraps!

Dark Daisy.

I have so many books that i am half way through and really wanna finish before i go back to uni so i can start a fresh and keep up with the mounds of fashion magazines i buy a month while at uni! But i just love books and i cannot get enough of them! One book imparticular that was bought for me by my lovely hunny, 'All that Glitters' which is kind of an autobiography written by Pearl Lowe, the mother of Daisy Lowe, is a really good read and i promise i'm nearly done reading! (uni starts 8th september!)

Pearl Lowes life seems like it's been all over the place, she has experienced some dark times in her life but these times i think, really paint the character of a person and in some ways help that person later in their life. She's had quite a stylish life what with being married to the drummer from Super Grass (obviously with this comes attending plush parties and fun music gigs!) so her fashion sense has been quite eclectic through her life time and this sense of style i feel is likened to that of her very stylish daughther Daisy.

Daisy is a very trendy, young woman of the minute! Her fashion sense i quite like, shes quite quirky at times. I am so used to picking up a fashion weekly and seeing her in pretty dresses and flat shoes so when i saw her in a new shoot dressed in her favourite looks for autumn/winter beauty, i was stunned by her 'stunningness'. I especially love the studded top in the last shot and the bright red lips against the porcelain skin in the first. This trend is gonna be big this autumn/winter- lots of black and goth infleunces.

Stylist Suggests!

Is anyone else subscribed to the H&M video podcasts, if not get subscribed! H&M sends you podcasts every month, they're quite short but very inspirational especially this months. We get the chance to hear from the amazing stylist of Sex and The City, Patricia Field on styling tips and we are shown a quick video of how she styles outfits.

Sex and the City is very well known for its saucy storylines and great one liners. Sex and the City, especially in the later episodes in the series, is very popular with it's fashions from Carrie's eclectic wardrobe, to Samantha's power dressing! All the styling is down to the great flaming red head, Patricia Field. In H&M video podcast Field describes how she puts an outft together and when i get myself ready i realise i do the same thing. I pick some basics, layer them up and add killer accessories thinking about the belt, the purse, the shoes, the jewellry etc. And with the change of the way you wear your t or the way you style your scarf you can change your outfit and its function. I do however want to take more risks in my styling, sometimes i play it too safe but my style is eclectic, not like Carrie where the whole outfit is eclectic i just dress differently with each outfit and i don't really stick to a key look, other than my basics! You can see what i mean here.

Anywhoo check out the podcast and get yourself signed up!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Catty Angelina?!

Anyone else heard that Angelina Jolie is tipped to be the next Catwoman! This would be amazing! How great would she be. The origional sixties actress that played Catwoman, Julie Newmar, rightly agrees! She would obviously lose some of her baby weight although i think she looks stunning whatever, but it would be a little crazy to try and squeeze her in that latex suit! I have always been an Angie fan! I love the roles she plays in her movies: shes always the one with strength and seduction. When i saw the article about the new (hopefully) Catwoman i read through the article and saw the link onto other photos of Angie, she looks stunning wether dressed up or down. I just love her. Shes so inspiring, shes beautiful and she is well opinionated, well thats what i think anyway i haven't had the great chance of sitting with her and having a cuppa but this is the impression i get anyway, anyone get another?!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Everything just Peachy!

Anyone see NOTW Fabulous magazine at the weekend- specifically the Peaches Geldof shoot; the styling was as eclectic (in a good way) as the styled and stylish Peaches Geldof. It had her personality oozing effortlessly out of the outfits styled. The first look is a classy, playful style with classic leopard print lining in a black kinda sports jacket and a smart pencil skirt with kick ass platform sandals. Her hair very festival messy, laid back throughout. The second look shows her more girly side with a flower printed strappy dress with sling back, very high stiletto heels, with powder pink sunglasses. And the final look, my favourite by far, shows Peaches with black body con, leggings and a simple checkered shirt with star studded ankle boots. I don't know what it was about the last look but the styling was gorgeous, so simple and gorgeous.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Summer flu!

Sorry for no recent blogging i have had this silly summer flu and have basically been bedriden for a week! I will blog eithier some time today or tomorrow, sorry xxx loves, have lots to talk about too...

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Coleen Dinner dress?!

Just a quickie, did anyone see Coleen Rooney's (I think she has taken his name?!) choice of dress just for a dinner. Im all for dressing up to look pretty but against Wayne, he looked like he was going to a pub lunch which is in fact what they were doing, but coleen looked a little like she were either making a television appearance or going to the races. It was only a 'low key dinner in manchester'! Don't get me wrong she looks stunning with her diet for her wedding and that fresh glow in her cheeks but her dress looked like it had a detachable bib, the monochrome i love but the style, not so much. What do you think?

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Stunning, Slouchy fashion

I love clothing that you can wear eithier fall or in summer, like i've mentioned in the past when you buy a garment that costs an arm and a leg it's ok if you get your wear out of it! So when i saw this silk, quite militant slouchy dress I really, really wanted it and didn't feel the need to justify the price as it's quite cheap really. You can buy this slouchy dress from Mumo for a bargain at £84.50 you can't really go wrong! Another great thing about this dress is the amount of outfits you can actually get out of it. In summer, through the day you can wear it with flat gladiator sandals, or to carry on the slouchy look add slouchy sandals as seen on Rachel Bilson, in a neud colour against tanned skin for a drink down the pub. Then for evening pair it with heels and a huge clutch. You could also through the day put it with a plain white t and white plimsols. Then in winter I would put it with a black turtle neck top or with a leather jacket and killer accessories.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Whart sjp?!!!

Why has SJP had that cute, albeit famous little mole removed? She looks stunning whatever: that mole added to Carrie Bradshaws eclectic style. Famous celebrities almost always get their facial moles removed look at Enrique, he looks gorgeous with and without his mole, the mole added interest to his face and looked really cute as it did to Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford and now the lovely SJP.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

American Apparel

About 2 years ago i really fell in love with this store! I was in New York and i had never really heard of the store until i was reeled into the bright basics, the amazing fabrics and the stunning window display of the store. I just love basic clothing, so this was like a sweety shop to me. I wanted to buy everything, i just loved everything the smell of the store the layout everything!
-i was so happy!! I was immediatley drawn towards the over sized tanks and the racer back tank tops (i have no idea why but i love racer back-the shape is stunning and it really helps in defining your body structure) Sieving through the racks of bright, energetic clothing i came across a light grey racer back tank top made from the beautiful material of Tri-blend, if you haven't yet come across this material, try and do so, the feel against your skin is amazing. I bought 3 whilst i was there in athletic grey, black and white because with these you can really play about with layering and the material makes it look almost like drapery. I also bought the very versatile and very stunning, soft unisex sheer jersey scarf (it comes in plenty of colours so anything goes!), since my trip to New York i have visited the store in London and every time i do visit the store i have made it a routine of buying the scarf in a different colour every time i visit! If you watch the video of how to style it on the site you can see how versatile the garment is. When looking through the site i feel a part of the store the photographs make the clothes look stunning yet available- in that i mean rather than getting to a site where the clothes seem a little static or the photographs are really high end photos, so much so that it feels a little intimidating to visit the store, this retail outlet doesn't make you feel that way, there is a sense of relaxation throughout the store. I love the amateur feeling of the shots too. My brother is studying graphic design and takes many photos and it just so happens that the other week he took a photograph that he wanted to style and actually play about with computer software to get the American Apparel look.

Topshop Sneaky Look.

I'm loving the new Topshop range for Autumn/winter 09! I had the chance to have a sneaky look at the range and the pieces are playfully stunning. Trends include lots of tartan along with 80's fabrics and over the top hats! Topshop will certainly be delivering some amazing fashion must haves! To have a look yourselves check this out!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sophie Ellis-Bextor-New face 4 Rimmel

In todays Look magazine, we get a great look into the new shoot for Rimmel. Sophie Ellis Bextor is their new face which is brilliant. Not only is she stunning, is very fashionable and is seeing Richard Jones (The Feeling) now she has widened her resume and is the new face of fabulous cosmetic brand Rimmel!!!!! The photographs are stunning, her skin is so porcelain perfect, her figure is amazing and her style is so effortless chic.

Jim Scary!

Well i understand that when the sun comes out, as i am from the great country of britain (said with a little sarcasm because of the ruddy weather!) or if you go away on a beach holiday then yes get your sun cream on, put your bikini on, that you have been on the kellogs crappy diet for at least two weeks to lose some of your love handles and enjoyingly soak up the sun. But when i saw the photograph of Jim Carrey and his gorgeous girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, strolling on malibu beach with Jim Carrey wearing Jenny's one piece i really thought that he had took it too far! Is Borat's trend catching on?!--whats happening to the guys these days, these metrosexual guys all with manbags, one piece swimsuits, make-up?! Although i am sure, as i am a big fan of Jim Carrey, he really makes me smile, that he wore this for fun.....?

Monday, 14 July 2008

Project Runway

Well done to Christian Siriano for coming first in the fantastic fashion competition Project Runway (<----blogspot for project runway). Making his win even better is his modesty with it! I must admit i didn't watch all the show as i was between houses because of uni but when i saw the show i could see his potential and his fashion edge. I really love his collections and in relation to the couture shows in recent weeks his collections would not have been out of place alongside other great and brilliant minded creative designers. His collections includes tight turtle neck tops, made from silk jersey material. His flower skirts almost look like that of Armand Basi spring 2008 ready-to-wear collections with their playful structures and his wool Pirate jacket shows his fashion knowledge that he enviously gained from the amazing Vivienne Westwood, when he did his internship at her 'greatnesses' fashion house.
One specific piece i love of Siriano's was this dress, when i saw it I immediatly fell in love; the colours are stunning, the fabric looks so luxuriuos and the waist belt is very on trend! Well done Christian, i'm jealous!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Wearing your indoors, outdoors?!

I am one for not revealing too much of myself, i like clothes to cover me up! So much so that i really do need to get out of my jeans and get a nice summer dress on! Maybe i should try the new trend in at the minute which is basically wearing your under garments as your outer garments? this to me is crazy, my mum always taught me to wear my underwear as underwear?!! Although i do think when styled well , the trend can look really stylish. In todays NOTW (News of the world) Fabulous magazine there was an article on this very subject, 'Underwear as outerwear', Charlize Theron did look stunning, her corset was gorgeous i loved the really feminine fabric and the colour!Delicious! I could try the trend but me thinks i will be trying it through the night, in my cosey bed!


I love reading Elle magazine; i love the creative director side of the magazine and the fashion images in the magazine look really hot! Elle, employing the very trendy Chloe Sevigny is really hot too, her column is a really good read, its nice to read about all the fashion queries and to get this gorgeous, and also very stylish, womans' opinion is great, (it also helps that she has lots of celeb/fashion conscious friends!) This week i bought the american version of the magazine and the light bulb lit above my nogging, i want to work for this magazine! Like really badly! The pages are stunningly put together the fashions are amazing and the adverts are not those adverts that , after maybe the 20th advert in the same issue you just wanna rip your teeth out, although they are beautiful how many more times can we swallow a 'perfect woman' sprawled out on the It bag that you will kill for?!!! If you haven't bought the American issue- buy it! The fashion shoots are stunning and the cover celeb being Mary Kate Olsen (it was written on the front-maybe i should study her so i finally get the nack of who is who-being identical you can give me some sympthy! edit-see past posts!!)--shows us an insight into her fashionable and envious life style! Also keep an eye out for her two clothing lines the Row and Elizabeth and James, looking at the style shoot put together for this issue, and Mary Kate already being a trend setter her collections should be worth a ruddy good look at!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

'V' for very nice...

Well, through my email i followed a link onto a fashion page and it took me to the wonderful homepage of 'V' magazine- i really love the photography in this magazine and when i have enough cash i buy it, i love it's format and the styling in some of the shoots are stunning, if your a dedicated fashion reader, i would reccommend that you have a good flick through the pages of V. If you need some inspiration with your studies or you just generally need some motivation and a bit of umpfff in your step then check out the mag. Anyhoo i checked out the site, even that is inspirational! and i came across Vdigital. Now i am certainly one for at least trying to save resources (i do try and turn the tap off when brushing my teeth to save that little bit of water-well i am doing a little something!) but when i read a magazine it isn't just what's on those pages that interests me and grabs me for a good 2 hours, it's the pages themselves, the smell, the shiny surface, i'm sure im not alone here, so with Vdigital im feeling a little bitter sweet, and this specific issue is stunning-it's very fashion orientated, which it isnt always, the 'Guess for V' shoot is stunning. The different fabric and seductive garments look gorgeous.

The creepy dolls made by the artist, Kristin Victoria Brannan are amazing also, but i hope with her interior design background they dont become a static ornament in a stylish living room! My favourite section of this issue has to be the 'Wildflowers' shoot with Kate Moss and the amzing photographer Nick Knight. These are the pages that made me call a hell of a lot of stores in leeds to see if they had this issue (although i think that the issue is just digital-grr!) In fact all the fashion shoots in this issue are gorgeous, have a look yourselves! x

Pretty cheap?

Anyone else kinda excited about this?!

Fashion Forward Winners

Set up by the BFC supporting designers emerging from amazing and creative talent to established designers.

Winners include:

Christopher Kane


Marios Schwab

Roksanda Llincic

for more info check this out!

My favourite designer here is Marios Schwab, I love his manipulation of fabrics and for his autumn/winter 2008 collection I love his subtle colours. I really like the layering he creates with simple plain fabrics on top and underneath comes through with these amazing prints, in some ways he reminds me of Hussein Chalayan with his work.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Body Poppin shoot.

Last sundays News Of the world Fabulous magazine had a great shoot in it. It really appealed to me because of the simple styling and stunning natural make up. The fluorescent yellow skirt was gorgeous and at £29 you can't beat it! The shoot reminded me of clothing that you would wear for a glamourous night out, when I go out I wear quite simple clothes like waistcoats with oversized grey jersey t's underneath with chunky, detailed necklaces and some coloured kitten heels, or my very comfy black Topshop wedges! I want to experiment more with my clothes for the night. Whenever I shop I always, always pick up simple clothes and I never really go for colour or really glamourous pieces, I need to be kicked out of my comfort zone. Is anyone else like this? What are your going out outfits typically like? Do you change your look every time you go out if you do let me know and teach me! Later I will post photographs of me in clothes that I would choose to wear on a night out and you guys can let me know what im doing wrong...
P.s I love the lighting in this shoot, I will go through my old projects from college as I remember doing a shoot which played with coloured this colourful space


I read an article in yes, yet again Look magazine (well i have to support my aunties hard work!) about the trend that may explode- Manbags?! Now when I saw the images of the toned footballer Frank Lampard and the rnb mega star Pharrell Williams carrying pink and purple bags alongside there 'Real Man magazine' and 'Esquire' magazines my mind began questioning on one side I thought, these pictures are probably shots that have been taken out of there context (as are probably 99% of pap images, but you gotta make a living) and on the other I thought, well we are in the 21st century there are mad happenings everywhere so maybe yeh, this just might catch on and when I typed 'manbags' into a search engine a load of sites came up-it looks like guys are already bagging the trend! (tragic joke ash) One good thing though, you could borrow your fellas bag.

Lampshade, in whatever shade..

A look at the minute is the 'Lampshade Skirt'. Yes you heard right, lampshade. It does sound a little odd, but it looks fantastic, it really emphasises the waist- a key element to 40's fashion. In reference to the catwalk I just loved Rodartes, almost like a sweety wrapper that you've sat with and manipulated into this very geometric shaping, skirts that were shown on the catwalk.

Rodarte Spring 2008 ready to wear collection

When I saw this look in Sex and the City I thought Carrie looked stunning. The styling of her outfit was quite simple, but this is what made the outfit look so cute. It looked like a vintage piece.

3rd one in (this isn't actually the piece I was talking about -I cannot find it on the net at the min cos I aint at home, but whilst researching I came across this great page)

With this particular garment fabrics are key, look for crisp cottons that will hold its shape and gorgeous structure. Styling this garment-just keep it cute and pretty add heels and some amazing accessories with a coloured vest and like Carrie Bradshaw why not add a corsage ( the size of a house) to your outfit?! really we love those clown flowers.

Posh aint too Posh!

Thank god! Posh Spice (as she will always be to me none of all this Victoria Beckham malarky, Posh Spice is ace!) actually showed us that she is real and all that surgery hasn't made her completely plastic. Well good on her, she was after all on a day out with the kids in Disneyland, i mean can you imagine climbing up onto space mountain wearing a body-con Roberto Cavalli dress! When I saw her in the papers I didn't even recgonise her but she still looks good even in her dress down gear.

A good cover up?

I came across an article in the News of the World's Fabulous magazine named, rightly named should I say, 'Cut-out clothing'. Gwyneth Paltrow looked gorgeous in this almost lace cut out, albeit short dress for my liking! As did one of the Olson twins ( I say one of the Olson twins as I still dont no which is which?!) some other celebrities however didn't really grab the trend that is in my opinion a little too exposing considering the weather at the mo!

Note to Tamara Beckwith- don't forget to fakebake those areas on show!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Topshop teases!

When I became a student I really didnt want to follow the Topshop trend-every student seriously owns a piece of clothing from Topshop, I didn't want to be a 'samey'! mind you I think every woman now owns a piece of clothing from Topshop whatever their age cos Topshop has just zoomed right ahead as a great fashion retailer! But after my foundation year at uni studying fashion, I couldnt escape the Topshop frenzy! Especially with living with 6 other girls. So hay hoo I checked out the site and I just love at the minute the boutique range. Seriously check out the bandeau dress in the boutique range, Yves Saint laurent anyone?!!!