Friday, 11 July 2008

Body Poppin shoot.

Last sundays News Of the world Fabulous magazine had a great shoot in it. It really appealed to me because of the simple styling and stunning natural make up. The fluorescent yellow skirt was gorgeous and at £29 you can't beat it! The shoot reminded me of clothing that you would wear for a glamourous night out, when I go out I wear quite simple clothes like waistcoats with oversized grey jersey t's underneath with chunky, detailed necklaces and some coloured kitten heels, or my very comfy black Topshop wedges! I want to experiment more with my clothes for the night. Whenever I shop I always, always pick up simple clothes and I never really go for colour or really glamourous pieces, I need to be kicked out of my comfort zone. Is anyone else like this? What are your going out outfits typically like? Do you change your look every time you go out if you do let me know and teach me! Later I will post photographs of me in clothes that I would choose to wear on a night out and you guys can let me know what im doing wrong...
P.s I love the lighting in this shoot, I will go through my old projects from college as I remember doing a shoot which played with coloured this colourful space

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