Sunday, 13 July 2008


I love reading Elle magazine; i love the creative director side of the magazine and the fashion images in the magazine look really hot! Elle, employing the very trendy Chloe Sevigny is really hot too, her column is a really good read, its nice to read about all the fashion queries and to get this gorgeous, and also very stylish, womans' opinion is great, (it also helps that she has lots of celeb/fashion conscious friends!) This week i bought the american version of the magazine and the light bulb lit above my nogging, i want to work for this magazine! Like really badly! The pages are stunningly put together the fashions are amazing and the adverts are not those adverts that , after maybe the 20th advert in the same issue you just wanna rip your teeth out, although they are beautiful how many more times can we swallow a 'perfect woman' sprawled out on the It bag that you will kill for?!!! If you haven't bought the American issue- buy it! The fashion shoots are stunning and the cover celeb being Mary Kate Olsen (it was written on the front-maybe i should study her so i finally get the nack of who is who-being identical you can give me some sympthy! edit-see past posts!!)--shows us an insight into her fashionable and envious life style! Also keep an eye out for her two clothing lines the Row and Elizabeth and James, looking at the style shoot put together for this issue, and Mary Kate already being a trend setter her collections should be worth a ruddy good look at!

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jonathan.chapman said...

check this guys blog out, its like style bubble but bigger and better! well its run by a gay guy so its from a different perspective :P