Wednesday, 16 July 2008

American Apparel

About 2 years ago i really fell in love with this store! I was in New York and i had never really heard of the store until i was reeled into the bright basics, the amazing fabrics and the stunning window display of the store. I just love basic clothing, so this was like a sweety shop to me. I wanted to buy everything, i just loved everything the smell of the store the layout everything!
-i was so happy!! I was immediatley drawn towards the over sized tanks and the racer back tank tops (i have no idea why but i love racer back-the shape is stunning and it really helps in defining your body structure) Sieving through the racks of bright, energetic clothing i came across a light grey racer back tank top made from the beautiful material of Tri-blend, if you haven't yet come across this material, try and do so, the feel against your skin is amazing. I bought 3 whilst i was there in athletic grey, black and white because with these you can really play about with layering and the material makes it look almost like drapery. I also bought the very versatile and very stunning, soft unisex sheer jersey scarf (it comes in plenty of colours so anything goes!), since my trip to New York i have visited the store in London and every time i do visit the store i have made it a routine of buying the scarf in a different colour every time i visit! If you watch the video of how to style it on the site you can see how versatile the garment is. When looking through the site i feel a part of the store the photographs make the clothes look stunning yet available- in that i mean rather than getting to a site where the clothes seem a little static or the photographs are really high end photos, so much so that it feels a little intimidating to visit the store, this retail outlet doesn't make you feel that way, there is a sense of relaxation throughout the store. I love the amateur feeling of the shots too. My brother is studying graphic design and takes many photos and it just so happens that the other week he took a photograph that he wanted to style and actually play about with computer software to get the American Apparel look.

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