Saturday, 23 July 2011

Christian Louboutin: A Ballet slipper at new heights, literally.

I did not see Natalie Portman in black Swan wear these for her perfect, final performance....

'Make It Hard' An artistic way to Recycle & Reuse

I wish I could see the Helmut Lang's solo exhibit, Make It Hard at the Fireplace project, East Hampton. Although when reading Lang's interview on there was a sentence in it that made me wince....

"What methods did you use to destroy the reported 6000 garments from your fashion archives?

Lang: 'The pieces where put through a big shredder truck under my supervision.'", to imagine beautiful garments, with stunning detail be shredded in a huge piece of machinery, is an idea that is so far away from one another that this intrigues me. I wonder if this was a hard task- to choose which pieces to shred and which to have for Lang's archive, yet Lang seemed quite relaxed in his choices, saying, 'I shredded all the pieces without remorse or preference. It was about erasing the difference of what they once stood for.'

Although the sculptures look quite simple, in that they don't have complex silhouettes, I reckon when seen up close they are a very interesting sculpture to look at- to understand which collection each sculpture holds is quite interesting.

If anyone gets the opportunity to see it, please fill me in!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Designer: Phoebe Philo

"I like the idea of women not showing too much, of being quite reserved"

I read a fab article today in the 'i' saturday paper about the reserved yet highly talented Phoebe Philo, designer for Celine, the french and very chic fashion label.

Since I noticed Celine back in 2008, when Ms Philo took over the direction and design of the brand, I have loved every collection, specifically Philo's first collection for the Celine fashion brand. As the article states, that collection was so right for the time and it was 'very well judged' as we were in the midst of a recession (back in October 09) and Philo herself 'was immediately hailed as being at the forefront of "the new minimalism"'. This is a key reason as to why the Celine brand, and Philo herself is ranked in my top 5 of my favoured designers: Philo discusses in the article that the fashion house chooses the best fabrics and the most creative and crafted cut, so that every piece is perfect for every collection, this again is another reason why I love Philo: her work ethos is contemporary and so right for the time.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from Philo's archive of collections for the Celine fashion label.


Celine S/S11

Celine Fall10

Celine S/S10

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tilda Swinton.Tim Walker.Iceland.

These three words can only mean one thing.

Strangely Beautiful fashion imagery.

I saw via facebook today the amazing editorial for W Magazine with the weirdly beautiful Tilda Swinton....I need to get myself a copy!

Photographs by Tim Walker
Styled by Jacob Kjeldgaard

Friday, 8 July 2011

Classic 'Hurts'

As the Hurts are on their European tour, and I am graduating I found it fitting to have a Hurts blog post as my readers may remember back last summer, I listened to Hurts on repeat for 3 months- It got me through my last year of my degree! Not forgetting that I love their music and I absolutely love their look.

A while back now, I remember reading a magazine article where the guys spoke of their fashion choices and how they came about dressing and having the certain style that they do. It's really interesting to know that the guys used to buy their clothes from older high street stores such as BHS and good old trusty Marks and Spencers. They also however, bought from charity shops- buying cheap suits and putting their personality into each outfit with small styling choices. This is just fab! It really proves that no matter how much money you have or not, if you have an eye for style you can look, in the Hurt's case, as dapper as you want and although my primary occupation is styling, it's nice to know that Theo and Adam choose this look and style before any stylist could get a hold of the guys.

Interestingly, yesterday I was reading an article about Keith Lemon (a character created, based on a northern guy) and in that interview Leigh Francis, that plays Keith, mentioned that when he is out for the evening he dress's up well and he thought that this was a very Northern thing, which brought me back to the Hurts- both the guys are from Manchester and I think this idea can be seen in their band. They are both very dapper, their style is timeless and very classic. I know some people may think that wearing a suit is safe, but I don't see this as the case with the Hurts, and I know it may sound funny to say, but you can see when looking at how they wear there clothes, you are able to see a northern influence.

'Tears of Angels' Fall 2011

I am in love with Givenchy Couture fall/11 collection. Fall seasons are usually full of gorgeous darks, blacks, navys, slate greys and dark aubergine, but this season sees white tones prominent for winter.

Givenchy's couture collection is beautiful. The chalky white and soft sand tones throughout are just stunning. When asked about the choice of colour for this specific collection, Tisci said: 'I try to find the light in the darkness' and Tisci, without a doubt has definitely found this and has created a gorgeous collection for Fall/11.