Saturday, 23 July 2011

'Make It Hard' An artistic way to Recycle & Reuse

I wish I could see the Helmut Lang's solo exhibit, Make It Hard at the Fireplace project, East Hampton. Although when reading Lang's interview on there was a sentence in it that made me wince....

"What methods did you use to destroy the reported 6000 garments from your fashion archives?

Lang: 'The pieces where put through a big shredder truck under my supervision.'", to imagine beautiful garments, with stunning detail be shredded in a huge piece of machinery, is an idea that is so far away from one another that this intrigues me. I wonder if this was a hard task- to choose which pieces to shred and which to have for Lang's archive, yet Lang seemed quite relaxed in his choices, saying, 'I shredded all the pieces without remorse or preference. It was about erasing the difference of what they once stood for.'

Although the sculptures look quite simple, in that they don't have complex silhouettes, I reckon when seen up close they are a very interesting sculpture to look at- to understand which collection each sculpture holds is quite interesting.

If anyone gets the opportunity to see it, please fill me in!

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