Thursday, 28 April 2011

Exciting Type (Update)

I did a couple more experiments with my letter 'n' for my university type brief. I started playing with past photo-shoots I have done by working on top of my fashion imagery.

Also, here's my imagery for my number '1' , what do you think?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exciting Type

For a last, small brief at university, each of us from class have been given two letters to stylishly create for promotional pieces for our course and the university. The two letters come from the words 'Fashion Promotion with Styling, Class of 2011': my letters I picked were lower case 'n' and the number '1' which will be used twice.

Today I have been experimenting with my letter 'n' as I know exactly what I will be doing with my number '1'.

I have done some research to influence my thinking for this mini brief, and as it's the last brief I will do for university i really wanted to create something thats traditionally me, to show what I'm about as a creative person, yet influenced with fashion. If you follow my blog you may notice I absolutely love collage, this is a real medium I wanted to try when thinking about this project, and I figured as my letter 'n' is that little more interesting of a shape, I wanted to use this for my collage idea. When answering this brief I want to construct, work onto/into and to collage: all my three loves when creating visual imagery.

Here's some pieces from today....which do you prefer?

(scanned in image of denim shirt, overlaid with text/font)

(The stencil of the 'n' I cut out myself, all the background images are pages from my past sketchbooks and earlier photo-shoots I have done throughout the course)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Style Icon: 3D Collages

As part of an older university brief we had to style a still life fashion shoot, based on a style icon, which we then had to make into a 3d collage, my style icon i focused on for the brief was the ever so lovely 1960's beauty Anna Karina. Below is the final 3d collage, not only was it based on the fabulous Anna Karina, but we had to reference trend for a season, I chose to look at S/S11: with all it's gorgeous camel tones and feminine shapes I thought this was perfect.

To enhance this story and to further my portfolio direction, I am now in the process of producing a menswear story of the same format, only referencing a male style icon, the handsome and 'King of Cool' Steve McQueen, alongside reference to the A/W11 season. This week I shot the photography of all the clothing I will feature in the collage, here's a sneak peak of the style of imagery and still life pieces for my final 3d collage. I have to now focus my mind on creating these 2d images into a 3d collage.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

White as white


This all white couture-esqu dress is incredible. The collar detail is just fab.

Coming soon to

'The Housekeeping Society'

Last night I went to a great album launch for a three man band: 'The Housekeeping Society'.

Before I went to see the launch I had an idea as to how the night was going to go when regarding an album launch, but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

When thinking about music, specifically nowadays, people don't give time to think about the work and credit that goes into producing a song, let alone an album, so i just loved the fact that the guys had made a 10 minute film clip together for us to watch before the actual gig, it was really great to see what concept the band focused on, the idea behind their reasoning and to also see the band producing the songs and the album. You understand the amazing support that the band has from family and friends, but you also understand the passion and drive for each member from the band when producing this album.

The idea behind the album is one that looks at the lives and times of a community in a North England Mill Town, back in the 1880's. If you want to read further about the inspiration for the album, from the band yourself, visit here. You can also see a more personal side for each band member at their blog.

The gig was a great success, each song is fab, my favourite song has to be 'Little Boy Lost' it's just beautiful. I find the album a great easy listen: the band has a very folksy feel and is really right for the time.

In terms of fashion-wise each guy wore shirt, jeans and some sort of cover up-I noticed one waistcoat and a long coat, because of the concept of the album I would love to style the guys up in 1880's attire. Their look would be very dapper, very traditionally 1880's dress-top hat, lapels, cravat. Each guy did have his own style, I would keep this in mind, but by styling them as a whole band, I think there look would become more exclusive and complete.

I had such a great night last night and I'm really glad I have a new album to add to my music collection.

To see more of 'The Housekeeping Society' visit;

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Unexposed Expression

I have just finished my final project at university, which is a sad moment really, I love being a student: being able to experiment and be insane in my work is something I love, and I believe, although when I do leave I will still be in a creative field, being a student I feel you are at your most creative.


Our final project was left open to each of us to decide what brief we wanted to work towards. This in itself is maybe something that again being a student you can really creatively drive the brief to how you want to answer it, maybe in comparison for when you work in the industry. So, for my final brief at university, I decided to focus on trend for A/W12. At university we are truly privileged to have W.G.S.N at our fingertips for free until we graduate, which is a massive, beneficial and sheerly amazing resource and site. For my trend brief I was attached to the trend site to figure out and understand trend in itself (as this was the first time I really studied trend) but to also distinguish trend for A/W12.

After 2 months of field trips (which included visits to leeds and london), a tonne of research and articulation, I began to understand and creatively experiment with trend ideas for A/W12.

My trend is called Unexposed Expression, it's a theme that lies with the new minimalist consumer, buyer and person. It's a protest against the digital and an exploration of simple, basic being.

For my actual project I looked at producing a trend package, these images here, are visuals from each virtual section- these are the visuals I created to showcase my idea and concept.



Structure & Form:



(all images & text copyright of Ashleigh Chapman)