Saturday, 13 June 2009

The 3 B'S.

I came across this really cool poster for the first edition of the Barcelona Streetwear Show, The Brandery in Berlin. Confirmed exhibitors include Armand Basi, Reebok and Lacoste.

That is all. :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Vintage Monday!

Ok so today me the lady and jj went to leeds to do some vintage shopping, not just clothes: accessories, furniture, jewellry, books (god so many books!).

We only shopped at one high street store, and im kinda ashamed to say it but i am a student and i needed some cheap stuff (look at me justifying myself!) cos im going away to Cyprus, Paphos for 2 weeks in a weeks time so i needed some cheap tanks and t's for my jollies, so we nipped in quickly to Primark. Like i said this was the only high street store we visited the whole day, thankfully, cos leeds is full of little gem-charity shops and vintage stores.

We started at Scope, from the outside it kinda looked a little drab but like i said, GEMS! when we got in i headed straight for the clothing rails all full with so many clothes from all over the place and from all types of people. There downstairs was untrue, just full of books and furniture dirt cheap (not dirty!), we found a very comfortable (well, you gotta sit down somewhere to read through the mounds of books on sale) light grey sofa that cost only £50 what a bargain, if i wasn't living back with the rents again and was living by myself i woulda picked that up, popped it in my bag and ran away! After Scope we walked through the main shopping strip in leeds centre, heading to one of my favourite vintage shops in Leeds, ironically called 'Vintage' :) and the shop really does what it says on the tin.

As soon as you walk in you can smell the age of the clothes. Between the labels Aquascutum,Fred Perry and DKNY you see mounds of vintage clasp bags all different shapes and sizes (most bags a tenner) and at the back of the shop theres a huge shelf space entirely for vintage trainers, all at £20 each! I ended up buying a leather, patchwork (all earthy colours) bag, that hadn't even been put out onto the mismatched shop floor yet, at a tenner you cant really say no! I also grabbed a really cool mustard and navy blue patterned silk scarf and a battered, slim black leather tie...all this for £15, what?!! Theres sumfin wrong there...nope just really REALLY good prices.

After here we went for dinner at Wokon, noodle bar- beef teriyaki yum yum!

Onto Oxfam, the biggy charity shop, which by the way im gonna try to change, we need to help all the other, smaller charities too people! The books here were incredible, my brother has a slight obsession with old books, in this one visit he bought 5, all older then 1930! You should check out his work, and see what he does to these books to modernise them, its amazing.
After the biggy, and R.S.P.C.A which to my astonishment sold pianos! We went to the British Heart Foundation, which apparently every two weeks gets Harvey Nichols 'cast offs' but i did a lot of rummaging and didn't really see that much but hay hoo still a really cool and full charity shop.

On the way to the bus we passed the leeds centre market where we bought sooo many cherries for 80p!! We saw some amazing stuff there too, i came across a table selling shoes, clothes, accessories, old books and everything was a quid each!

We've decided we are gonna do the charity shop rounds once a month to update my wardrobe and to get some srummy food and not forgetting all this goes to good causes!

Brill day! xx

Friday, 5 June 2009

Pretty Good

I can't remember how i came across this but i kinda like it!! Has anyone seen the new clothing range, all 'limited edition', 'Pretty Green' owned, founded and designed by no other than the 90's bad lad Liam Gallagher.

Now as you may know i love basic clothing and this range is well, basically basic, its the logo that grabbed my attention. The range includes scarves, tshirts, footwear, accessories, jackets, trench coats, knitwear, denim, hats and obviously Liams wardrobe staple (and i mean check out any 90's image of him, you wont see him without it!), the parka.

The site describes the range as 'straight talking, classic clothing range' and yeh i agree completely, but like ive mentioned the logo is anything but straight! The text is a wrap around of 1970's bubble writing. The site is easy to maneuver and the range has a somewhat Ralph Lauren feel with the placing of the simple logo on the Crew Neck Knit's Pretty Green sells.

Not only are the products sold sharpley simple, but the packaging the clothing comes in is just as good as the logo and the products, and gives the range a brilliant designer esque feel.

Wonderwall'tll come next!!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Uni Busy ness!

Well i have been a busy bee this year at uni!!

I've come up, (with a team of 4 others) a marketing campaign 83% worth of a mark for the company TRAID and experienced what those poor souls do on Dragons Den when being grilled about their budgets and ideas, not nice! ive taken over Oxford street with giant mascara bent brushes; ive turned my friend into a chic homeless woman; ive researched every type of student you could imagine and produced a successfull photoshoot pitched at Nylon; ive enjoyed thoroughly researching Hussein Chalayan for a fashion written piece, which led me to visiting the brilliant exhibition at The Design Museum dedicated to Chalayan's work; ive tried to add my personality to a brands webpage; ive used a dictaphone for the first time and i just love how much easier and less embarassing it is to stand and chat rather than ask the interviewee to lean over whilst i just borrow her back as a leaning surface whilst scribbling all thats said down on post it notes! and one thing that i found so valuable and have been meaning to do it for years is form a visual library, full of inspirations! All organised so perfectly!
Overall the year has been a huge learning curve, i can see more of what the industry is going to be like and how hard you gotta work to be heard and not just trampled on!
Now if you have read any of my previous posts, if you read the London Baby?? post you can probably understand my thoughts and feelings of living so far away from home and for some reason this year at uni was the hardest, maybe because it was my first year on the actual course im wanting to do and i could see how hard i had to work, maybe its the fact that im surrounded by a lot of brilliant, creative talent, maybe its because the people including the lecturers see everyone as a number or maybe its because the house that i lived in...well lets just say i may have been kidnapped: because of these reasons, ive decided to transfer to UCLAN and study Fashion Promotion with Styling.
I had my interview a couple of weeks back, it went really well, the lovely woman who interviewed me was very nice and she got me really excited about joining the uni and the course, so from september, i will be studying up north! Yayyy! Im joining the 2nd years so i need to get a group to let me in!! hahahah! She said i was more than ready to start 2nd year which was a nice confidence boost and after doing my Personal Pathway Project at the end of the year at UCA, doing the marketing pathway, im glad i chose to do styling rather than marketing at UCLAN, i found the last project at UCA really difficult although my mark was good.

So yes, a lot has changed this year, a lot of questions have been asked and answered, lots of pro's and con's lists were written and i do think i have taken a huge step in my future career. I hope i have done the right thing: at the minute it feels good but, i just hope in 20 years time it shows me that my decision was correct.
UCLAN here i come, goodbye Epsom!