Friday, 5 June 2009

Pretty Good

I can't remember how i came across this but i kinda like it!! Has anyone seen the new clothing range, all 'limited edition', 'Pretty Green' owned, founded and designed by no other than the 90's bad lad Liam Gallagher.

Now as you may know i love basic clothing and this range is well, basically basic, its the logo that grabbed my attention. The range includes scarves, tshirts, footwear, accessories, jackets, trench coats, knitwear, denim, hats and obviously Liams wardrobe staple (and i mean check out any 90's image of him, you wont see him without it!), the parka.

The site describes the range as 'straight talking, classic clothing range' and yeh i agree completely, but like ive mentioned the logo is anything but straight! The text is a wrap around of 1970's bubble writing. The site is easy to maneuver and the range has a somewhat Ralph Lauren feel with the placing of the simple logo on the Crew Neck Knit's Pretty Green sells.

Not only are the products sold sharpley simple, but the packaging the clothing comes in is just as good as the logo and the products, and gives the range a brilliant designer esque feel.

Wonderwall'tll come next!!!

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