Friday, 27 June 2008

I love golddddd.....

I came across this and it just reminded me that even though I think I should clean up my wardrobe with the inevitable category piles- charity, ebay and keep (but clean), I should keep some things.....

When I was about 7 I went away on holiday with my family to Ibiza and I was just crazy for gold, especially gold shoes and bumbags! If I knew that about 10 years later the gold colouring would come bag into fashion I could have kept my things and saved myself a lot of money now.

New York, New York..

I've always wanted to live in New York and when I have finished university and I am all grown up I will live there!!!! (The louder I shout the more it should come true..I hope) So with this in mind when I came across an article in Look magazine, about 'Stateside Beauty' my attention was grabbed. Well a girl has to learn. The looks were actually quite stunning.

Maybe when my camera is charged and I get my ass into gear I might try some Stateside Beauty myself.

p.s sorry about the bad quality images I scanned them into my comp.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shopping in NYC-enough said really although I do have to say I love those grey high waisted loose trousers and I need a loose fitting blazer.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fierce Feet.

I like outfits to be quite plain with added interest through accessory choices. So when I saw all this fancy footwear on the catwalks, not to mention Gywneth Paltrow feisty choices of amazing sandals and court shoes, I decided to research some of the shoes that I would love to own and wear to the shops to get a pint of milk for the mornings coffee! Some of the best

The nude colour shows the feminine side to these kick ass sandals!

I just love these patent peep toes- and at the end of a good night when your dancing in the club with your shoes in your hands (party gels always needed!) the funky pink sole is your new accessory!

Don't you just wish you kept your 'Dockers' from the 90's circa The Spice Girls era!

Christian Louboutin

Here's wishing! But in black pretty please...

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Topshops Tuxedo!

I really want this tuxedo jacket from Topshop-I just love it! Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not one for elaborate fashion and style I do like classic styles-especially on a woman! I just like women to show there powerful side, I like to empower them...thinking about it though it's a little hypocritical of me saying this as I am putting a masculine piece of clothing onto a woman to empower her..hmmm?!....that is head scratcher. Anyway, I've noticed that the masculine trend tends to show its angry face every year so, having this piece in my wardrobe would be good, I would certainly get my use out if it! You can wear it really for any occasion. A wedding with a cocktail dress to dress it down a little, you could wear it with a colourful t and straight jeans for shopping, or to really get your use out of it you can wear it around the house...all the time?! Whilst making a cup of tea, watching a movie whatever...I don't even know why I'm trying to justify buying this garment cos it aint even that expensive, £ be lying, £55! Bargain really when you think about it!