Wednesday, 27 August 2008

"Deer Friend"... any more collections?

I saw another Topshop range in this weeks Look magazine, named (so apt) Deer Friend, and i think its gonna be very popular! I kinda got a mad hatter feeling about the range; the pieces look really playful, there's plenty of colour and lots of graphic prints. I specifically like the blouse shown in Look- it has a repeated graphic print all over, the colours are quite neutral, the print is a small black deer with an added shot of bubblegum pink and violet. The blouse has a huge black bow just below the scooped collar. At £32 too! Bargain! I'm not usually one for colour but i see a little change in style for me! I'm unable to find photos of the collection on the net so buy Look and you will see it in there, page 5.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Leather trousers: friend or foe?

Leather trousers are apparently back for A/W 08. When i read this in last weeks grazia mag i immediately thought of the Friends episode where Ross is on a date and unfortunatley gets himself in a bit of a muddle. He gets himself stuck in his leather trousers, he uses everything from soap to talc to get himself outa them but nothing moves! Leather trousers though were actualy seen on lots of the catwalk shows including Alexander McQueen, Preen, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and MaxMara. The style was anything from tight almost sprayed on pants to well structured wide leg at Marc Jacobs. This trends fits very well with the glamour goth style thats gonna be huge in A/W 08, but if you aint feeling the goth style then leather trousers will more or less go with lots of pieces in your existing wardrobe, pair them with slouchy knits for a mix of yummy fabrics or put with ruffle blouses for a punk feel (don't forget the chunky, layered necklace!)
Leather trousers have been seen on the very style gorgeous Ashley Olsen and 07-08 model Agy Deyn, you can bag yourself a pair from Topshop unique collection or M&S at bargain prices!
My favourite catwalk pair are from the Louis Vuitton catwalk a/w 08 collection.

Is this a trend you will follow or run away from?!

Stunning, simple Styling

I just had to put this small post in. I was checking my email today and i just saw something that caught my style searching eye...
I love the styling of this outfit, yes it is very simple but its very chic and in a way it reminds me of power dressing. The tucked in black vest, the check skinny trouser with added skinny patent belt and the peep toe heel! F A B U L O U S....

Music Gigs-literally!

OMG how amazing are these! They're pretty pricey but they look and sound so worth it! (Prices range from $399-$249) All the technical stuff outa the way....
-they have a memory of 512 MG to 2 GB that can include 240 songs, audiobooks or any other files you may need to keep that close! So when you're going to uni and think god damn i forgot my memory stick, it's that hot your hair is stuck to your face and your half way there, well if you have your gigs on then there you go- your files on there. You dont have to worry about packing your slouchy bag with any memory stick or cd!
They're made by Oakley and there model name is Split Thump Sunglasses, they're available for men and women. On eithier side of the glasses there is a O logo that looks so disguised no one would realise that they were musically enhanced! These are perfect for an excercise too as a fully charged pair will last you 8 hours, what a workout! Personally i think the idea is great, as sunglasses are a huge business spesh in the summer and when you go to that summer bbq you could throw a silent disco! The only negative i think there is is that they could maybe make the pair look a little more stylish but other than that i would definatley want a pair!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

NYLON Denim issue...

I know im so late with this but i was out the other day in sunny, busy Leeds shopping for some uni clothes and i strolled into WHS to buy the paper and i saw the august NYLON issue on the shelf. I have read NYLON in the past and i do like the magazine. Its great for quirky advertisments and its very up to the minute in that it has a very indie style. Also i think the NYLON team are great and very admirable, at the beginning of the issue it shows you the readers opinions of the mag and NYLON have shown some of their bad reviews, at first i didnt really get this but i do admire them to show the comments, i mean nobody is perfect! I really loved the issue too because of its focus on denim! I love too that the mag is american and as i really wanna move to New York once i have graduated i can begin to look into New York fashions. If you havent bought the issue and it is still in your mag stores near you buy it, especially if you love your denim pieces!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Street Style

As a fashion student i really should take my camera with me everywhere, and today i learnt my lesson! I went into leeds to do a little shopping (+ visit 3 cities-more in a bit) and i saw what can only be described as a brown leather dress shoe in the middle of the city and then weirdly i saw in my hometown, a jacket on the street floor! Maybe there is a naked guy running around leeds?!! Street Style communicated- literally!

Yeh like i just mentioned i felt like i had actually visited 3 cities today. Leeds to start with-strolling down the central road looking in all the lovely high street stores-Topshop, H&M, Lush oh my! Then secondly Tokyo, we went to the fab restaurant Little Tokyo-the food was unbelievable, i ordered Crystal Prawn duplings to start, then my main (i felt very greedy!) was Teryaki beef in a food box-the presentation was stunning and the food was so good, if you ever can get to a Little Tokyo i would definately recommend buying one of these. It consisted of japanese salad which was stunning:coated in rice vinegar, tempura vegetables with soy sauce, rice with seseme seeds and finally the Teryaki beef-mmm..

Then in the afternoon i bought (very late i know!) the denim issue of Nylon (which is obviously american). So i travelled millions of miles in a saturday!

What a fab day! x

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Hooch autumn Collection, glamorous?

The brand Hooch is very well hiden, or is it that bad a brand that you just don't hear of it? So when i saw an article in this weeks Look magazine stating that Hooch has a new 'grown-up glam autumn collection coming out i decided to look for the store on the net, and it really didn't come up with that much. When i was younger i bought my first piece of Hooch clothing from the clotheshow live, it was an ochre hoody! When researcing the webpages selling Hooch clothing, i was a little confused as to the statement in the mag because when i was looking through the cothing most of the items are very street wear and the garments looked like young fashion pieces, maybe this is their way of saying 'hello we are still here!'. This almost image overhaul i think will bring in new customers, maybe this is what the brand needs because if i didn't pick up this weeks Look magazine (as millions of other ladies do!) then we wouldnt have even thought of the brand as being glamorous, or we may not have even thought about Hooch. I gotta say though the images in Look mag showing the new collection looks fab, the clothes are well on trend with the checks and the pretty prints. Also well done Hooch for getting your hands on it model of the mo Portia Freeman!

Madonna Style

Well, Madonna turned 50 last weekend and Look magazine did a double page spread on her everchanging fashion styles, and i just wanna say wow! Madge has constantly changed her look, i also noticed that she didnt really follow trends, she set them (im sure everyone owns leg warmers!-not a trend now but it was!). Its almost like she gets really bored very quickly and just decides thats it lets try something new-see if it works, and lets be honest some things didnt really work but they did for madonna. When you think of a style icon what do you think of? What they wear? When they wear it? How they wear it? Someone who is stylish 24/7? In madonna's case i reckon she isn't a style icon as such but she does have a sense of playful and brave style! ( remember the Hung up Video with her fish net tights and pink leotard, ekk!)

Anyway some of my favourite fashion moments that i just love of Madonna's include; her punk days in the 80's all the fish net tops and bushy eye-brows looked like stylising fun; in the 90's that pointy bra, that's a must have for a fancy dress madonna costume and also a very stylish burlesque garment; her new, modern look in the 00's with her Hung up video; her appearence at the Oscars, she looked stunning on the red carpet and finally her recent look in her collaboration music video with Justin Timberlake, i think she looks younger now than she did 20 yrs ago!

When looking back at her style her looks are iconic in that they are remembered so much and this is one of the reasons madonna is loved all over the world, for her ballsy attitude and her amazing music. Not only is madonna energetic on stage, shes energetic with her style.

Here's to another 50 years of Madonna.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Spring/Summer 09 Ldn sneaky!

After seeing Richard Nicoll's inspiration page for s/s 09 im really excited to see his collection also to wet my appetite, his words as to what the collection is about really got me excited too. With the influence of harmony and disfunction etc you just know the collection is gonna be full of opposites-something i love loads!

"This collection is about harmony and disfunction, liberation and repression, fluidity and structure.”

(image Fall 08)
Iv'e never really seen his work before so i checked him out on His fall 08 collection was very structured and the subtle colours were stunning, his mixed use of fabrics too were just gorgeous. I cannot wait to see s/s 09! (image Fall 08)
Also another designer im very excited to see is the gorgeous, simple fashions from Preen. Now this label i have loved for a long time, ever since i saw an article in Vogue about the designer i have kept an eye on the brand. Their clothing is stunning, its so simple but very beautiful. Preen spoke of their spring/summer 09 collection;

"A development of our easy relaxed dressing style with a new sense structure."
(image Fall 08)
It should be very interesting to see how the designers have played with their usual simple structure. I cannot wait!

(image Fall 08)

Monday, 18 August 2008

Starbucks shocker!

This has nothing really to do with fashion or celebs but it makes me happy! Apparently i read in Grazia mag that starbucks are giving free refills for your coffee drinks! OMG this will help me loads considering i spend around £20 on lattes every month! Thanks Starbucks xx

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Autumn / Winter LBD?

Every woman needs an LBD! When you're really not sure of what to wear for that summer bbq or work ball you can always count on your LBD to pull you through! When i picked up this weeks Grazia magazine i came across a stunning LBD. The style is fab there's lots of pleating, a waist cinching belt and lovely pleated fabric on the one shoulder. Now if you're fashion savvy you will know that this a/w black is gonna be huge and the LBD is a must have in your wardrobe. If your scared, or simply just a little bored of the block of black, don't forget lots of accessories work (see Givenchy A/W!) or you could add a bright, bold colour clutch with the dress or a patterned one-maybe try a tartan print to be on trend!
The dress can be bought at Littlewoods Direct, for a mear snip at £69-bargain!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I got the tapered trousers!

I finally got the trousers i have been eyeing up in Topshop since they hit the stores, the ever so lovely ribbed cuff tapered trouser. The material feels stunning and i figured they would look gorgeous with my new i heart london top, styled with some embelished flats through the day then for evening put them with a stunning sheer top and heels. This monday i have been invited to a 21st birthday party and im gonna wear the trousers! I will post pictures after the night! (if i aint that grossly drunk in them!).

Look; only £1

If you guys bought this weeks Look magazine you would have seen the article on Primark's new £1 make-up! Looking at the collection the products do look like they have come straight out of a Selfridges make-up stall and they do look more than £1 each, lets just see what the quality is like....i'm especially excited to try out the Pineapple Body Souffle, and the eyeshadow quartets look lush.

Tattoo tights!

OMG i love these, they may not be that on trend but they're just amazing. This summer holiday i really wanted to get a tattoo and a friend of mine next week is gonna get a huge tat on his back that will take a total of 6 hours to do..but fret not ladies, if your thinking of getting a tattoo and just wanna try wether this will work for you (and not have the shame of buying yourself one of those fake tats that you need to throw water all over to make sure the whole tat sticks to your skin!) then get yourself some of these stunners...

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Topshop Tuxedo

I'm so excited about the new Topshop tuxedo range that hit the rails yesterday. This garment is gonna be key to the a/w trends. Designers including Givenchy, Todd Lynn and YSL showed this staple wardrobe piece on their catwalk shows. Topshops range includes a fire engine red leopard print tux with a satin low hung collar, a fitted peplum polka dot tux that would look stunning with a cream lace dress, a punk influenced snake printed tux and a classic black tux with satin black collar. I only think though that this limited range will hit the bigger stores....oh no i will need to go to the Leeds store or manchester store, for a huge shopping trip, what a shame (sarcastic!)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Conform to the 'uniform'?

Goodbye summer, welcome autumn/winter! Don't get me wrong i love summer i love the beer gardens, the energetic moods, the patterned clothing but nothing can beat my love of black and this autumn/winter every womans wardrobe will be heaving with black in so many different fabrics! The trend reports are everywhere at the minute, from your high end fashion magazine to your weekly womans magazine, to some articles in your newspaper and almost all the trends im just loving. The styles are so me. This a/w black will be everywhere! Tartan too.

The masculine trend is back again (something i will definately not complain about!) check out Yves Saint Laurent catwalk show-im loving their styling of the outfits especially the hair and make-up, its all so minimal and the focus is entirely on the outfit. Each model had the same hair cut, shape and each wore goth influenced make up. A key theme in the masculine trend is minimalism and Calvin Klien's show was 'a masterclass in elegant minimalism and sculpted shapes'. I cannot wait to get my hands on some stunning suit pieces and a new LBD.

Black Lace is going to be huge this winter too, so when choosing your christmas party outfit, ladies head for the black lacy dresses! Prada had some lovely lace pieces in this seasons collection check out the show here. Along with this sumptious, black lace comes the Dark Romance trend: very heavily influenced by goths and fantasy. Some of my main pieces i loved came straight from Riccardo Tisci Givenchy show. I really loved the styling too at the Givenchy show-tones of accessories against black contrasted fabrics.
With every autumn/winter show i get really excited because i just love the colours out in winter and the trends i love, the masculine trend always seems to show its face but i just cannot get enough. When looking through my Elle collections magazine (which by the way is a 'must buy it' magazine! the format of the mag, the styling and the creative artistic side of the mag and most definatley the content is unbelieveable!) my attention is immediatley drawn to the tailoring, and one afternoon with my costa, i got to thinking that the masculine trend is somewhat of a uniform, although the style changes from season to season the basics are still there; a good pair of well cut trousers, a blouse/shirt of some sort, some killer heels, acessories and a stunning jacket. And this then led me onto thinking about good old high school and the uniforms you just had to wear there, shirt tucked in of course. Now my photos of me from school are too embarassing so i aint posting any! But with the uniform in mind i remembered how i felt back then and i seriously hated the uniform and now i love it! Ironnic?! and in my email i came across a uniform article...
If you go on Look magazines website you will see an article into work wear, the team have put together an amazing shopping list of things to buy to fill your wardrobe with clothing that have the 'uniform' style to them.
who knew 4 years later that i would love the uniform look, white t black slouchy trousers or skirt with stunning accessories i just love the look! These pieces i really love...This tulip skirt is gorgeous, you can wear it down with a printed t and flats (which are huge this season) or wear with a ruffled white shirt and heels for the 'uniform' look!
Miss Selfridge £30Mock Croc belt, Primark £2

Overall i loved the shows if i had to choose 3 favourites (jeeez thats harder than you think!) it would include; Givenchy, because of the styling, the stunning fabrics and amazing accessories; dolce & gabbana for their fabric choices (lots of slouchy grey and tartan pieces); and finally Yves Saint Laurent simple styling and for the sheer effect it had on the show-what a statement!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Elle Macpherson New A/W Intimates and Boudoir collection!

I really wanna buy some really nice underwear. I always think of my clothes on the outside and never really think about what's underneath them! When i've bought underwear in the past and i try the set on for the first time it makes me feel much better about myself, anyone else feel like this or am i just a little insane?!! Well whilst looking for some good quality underwear, i kept an eye out for advertisments and mag articles and i came across a stunning shoot for Elle Macpherson's new underwear ad campaign. Has anyone else seen it?! The photographs are stunning they're very simple but really beautiful and the focus is entirely on the product rather than the model; the models face isnt shown in any photo, the shots are very focused on the detail of the lingerie. The photographs were taken by Vanina Sorrenti and styled by Elle herself.

I love the shots where the photographer has taken the shot through the circular mirror and the nature shots are gorgeous, Elle said about the shoot:

'When directing this shoot I wanted the sensuality and powerfully intimate nature of the scenes to speak for themselves,' says Elle. 'The images are simple, beautiful and understated and left open for your interpretation.'

Well my interpretation is that the ad campaign is stunning all round. The lingerie is beautiful and the photographs show this, like Elle states they are simple but this only adds to the products delicate detailing and stunning fabric choice.

Is it better to be just one?

Some stylists think its a good idea to have two-in-one garments so you dont have to worry about what blouse should go with that skirt for instance but i disagree, i dont no about you but im not one for these two-in-ones, and especially with the a/w shows, for the new season its all about mixing and matching your pieces. Also when i see a two-in-one on the shelves in stores it just really puts me off, i mean maybe one morning you wake up and you don't wanna wear that jersey grey t with that figure hugging skirt! Maybe im just looking at the wrong pieces though because in this weeks Grazia mag there's an article on this very piece of clothing and the shots they show of some celebs, including Kelly Osbourne and Mischa Barton, their two-in-ones are amazing, well they do have the money for them...

Friday, 8 August 2008

Dress in your t!

Fab news the t-shirt dress is back, although with englands dodgy weather i'm wondering wether this is good news?!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sticky and oh so sweet!

I haven't had the chance to go to a Madonna concert: i have some close friends however that have had the chance (many times!) and they loved the shows. I'm sure they weren't really looking at the clothes but they say that the costume changes were good and were really varied and from their shots i agree. Madonna (from what i have heard!) seems to be very energetic whilst performing her songs and with energy you need to definately be dressed in the right clothes to give you the flexability you need and comfort but above all style! So when i came across my email and saw that Madonna has teamed up with some of the best designers, to design costumes for her tour Sticky and Sweet i had to check it out! One of my favourite designers Madge has enlisted is Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy's current designer, who plays with the gothic look and loves black with plenty of accessories (especially this a/w!); the lucky woman is gonna have some custom made shoes made purely for the show by Miu Miu and Stella McCartney, sunglasses by Moschino and other pieces by the great and very classic Yves Saint Laurent and Roberto Cavalli! Lucky Lady! It aint just Madge getting the designer treatment, as always, her band will be kitted out with Tom Ford suits too! Maybe i should change my career direction and become a backing singer!

Apparently the show will be split into stylish sections. The first being gangsta pimp and art deco (featuring Givenchy costumes- i'm betting some hefty jewellry!), then old school, followed by gypsy and finishing with a japanese rave section- this sounds like its gonna be a fab show! Her stylist Arianne Phillips will have a great time styling the outfits - im so jealous!

Givenchy, Miu Miu and Stella Oh My!

This definately is making me want to pay the price for a ticket to go (my friends took a loan out for her: it aint cheap!) and see the show! Anyone else?

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tartan tastic!

OMG Roll on autumn/winter, the trends are looking really yummy and Topshop's new Wonderland collection looks like its ticking all the right boxes! I bought myself a little tartan today from Primark (well the way i see it if i'm gonna follow a trend, im a realist, and im a student if i can get it somewhere cheaper, i will!). I got myself a checked shirt for £6 and the fits just peachy! Next on the list Tapered Pants!


Anyone else heard that apparently Madonna has the 'ultimate face' according to New York magazine. Well with the rumours flying around at the min with her marriage break down, maybe this is the reason she looks like this...

Do all these women realise that when they see Madge in a mag article that she is mostly photoshopped?!! Don't get me wrong i understand why this is done, and this is just part of the business, but the readers just seem mesmorized by all these lovely looking women. When i leave uni i really wanna work for a magazine company (hopefully aunti eve will give me a job!) and this is the sort of thing i am gonna come across a lot. A couple of weeks earlier also Alesha Dixon, the lovely Mis-Teeq lady, went to a variety of magazine companies asking about their policy on photoshopping models and with reading the New York mag article you can see how easily photoshopping a model is done. Ladies please don't be fazed by the smell of plastic!

Monday, 4 August 2008

'A Marvelous Party' Marvelous!

I've signed up to Marie Claire's daily alerts from the website and i came across this shoot Marie Claire did and i just love the styling! A trendy Alice in Wonderland style comes across! I love the vintage looking cardigans and ballerina skirts and the hair accessories are simple but stunning!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Have I got my Manliner?

Has anyone heard of the new makeup at Superdrug for the guys! I heard it on the radio today and had to check it out for myself on the site. Yes, its real, they are selling Taxi London Manliner in black, for £6.50 and Taxi London Manscara for £6.50! When thinking about it the idea at first was a little weird but the Metrosexual guys have been around for a long time, genius idea really. Although couldn't your fella just use your mascara and vica versa, the manscara is cheaper too. I wondered if i could use a womans mascara on a guy, to see if it had any affect so i used my brother as a bunny and tested it on him. (post some photos in a bit)

I wonder wether guys will have a choice of manscara that will curl their lashes or wether they will bring out boy blusher. It makes me smile, because of the name i reckon guys will feel more comfortable using it but really they're just using mascara, the manufacturer has just toughened the appeal to guys with the name. What would be odd though, would be for a guy to come up to you in a club whilst your waiting for the loo (in the too long queue!) and asks 'can i just borrow your eye liner', or a guy leaves for a night on the town and does the check of 'right, wallet, check, phone, check, eye liner, check'. Weird i reckon, what you think?