Saturday, 23 August 2008

Street Style

As a fashion student i really should take my camera with me everywhere, and today i learnt my lesson! I went into leeds to do a little shopping (+ visit 3 cities-more in a bit) and i saw what can only be described as a brown leather dress shoe in the middle of the city and then weirdly i saw in my hometown, a jacket on the street floor! Maybe there is a naked guy running around leeds?!! Street Style communicated- literally!

Yeh like i just mentioned i felt like i had actually visited 3 cities today. Leeds to start with-strolling down the central road looking in all the lovely high street stores-Topshop, H&M, Lush oh my! Then secondly Tokyo, we went to the fab restaurant Little Tokyo-the food was unbelievable, i ordered Crystal Prawn duplings to start, then my main (i felt very greedy!) was Teryaki beef in a food box-the presentation was stunning and the food was so good, if you ever can get to a Little Tokyo i would definately recommend buying one of these. It consisted of japanese salad which was stunning:coated in rice vinegar, tempura vegetables with soy sauce, rice with seseme seeds and finally the Teryaki beef-mmm..

Then in the afternoon i bought (very late i know!) the denim issue of Nylon (which is obviously american). So i travelled millions of miles in a saturday!

What a fab day! x

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