Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Music Gigs-literally!

OMG how amazing are these! They're pretty pricey but they look and sound so worth it! (Prices range from $399-$249) All the technical stuff outa the way....
-they have a memory of 512 MG to 2 GB that can include 240 songs, audiobooks or any other files you may need to keep that close! So when you're going to uni and think god damn i forgot my memory stick, it's that hot your hair is stuck to your face and your half way there, well if you have your gigs on then there you go- your files on there. You dont have to worry about packing your slouchy bag with any memory stick or cd!
They're made by Oakley and there model name is Split Thump Sunglasses, they're available for men and women. On eithier side of the glasses there is a O logo that looks so disguised no one would realise that they were musically enhanced! These are perfect for an excercise too as a fully charged pair will last you 8 hours, what a workout! Personally i think the idea is great, as sunglasses are a huge business spesh in the summer and when you go to that summer bbq you could throw a silent disco! The only negative i think there is is that they could maybe make the pair look a little more stylish but other than that i would definatley want a pair!

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