Sunday, 24 August 2008

NYLON Denim issue...

I know im so late with this but i was out the other day in sunny, busy Leeds shopping for some uni clothes and i strolled into WHS to buy the paper and i saw the august NYLON issue on the shelf. I have read NYLON in the past and i do like the magazine. Its great for quirky advertisments and its very up to the minute in that it has a very indie style. Also i think the NYLON team are great and very admirable, at the beginning of the issue it shows you the readers opinions of the mag and NYLON have shown some of their bad reviews, at first i didnt really get this but i do admire them to show the comments, i mean nobody is perfect! I really loved the issue too because of its focus on denim! I love too that the mag is american and as i really wanna move to New York once i have graduated i can begin to look into New York fashions. If you havent bought the issue and it is still in your mag stores near you buy it, especially if you love your denim pieces!

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