Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Madonna Style

Well, Madonna turned 50 last weekend and Look magazine did a double page spread on her everchanging fashion styles, and i just wanna say wow! Madge has constantly changed her look, i also noticed that she didnt really follow trends, she set them (im sure everyone owns leg warmers!-not a trend now but it was!). Its almost like she gets really bored very quickly and just decides thats it lets try something new-see if it works, and lets be honest some things didnt really work but they did for madonna. When you think of a style icon what do you think of? What they wear? When they wear it? How they wear it? Someone who is stylish 24/7? In madonna's case i reckon she isn't a style icon as such but she does have a sense of playful and brave style! ( remember the Hung up Video with her fish net tights and pink leotard, ekk!)

Anyway some of my favourite fashion moments that i just love of Madonna's include; her punk days in the 80's all the fish net tops and bushy eye-brows looked like stylising fun; in the 90's that pointy bra, that's a must have for a fancy dress madonna costume and also a very stylish burlesque garment; her new, modern look in the 00's with her Hung up video; her appearence at the Oscars, she looked stunning on the red carpet and finally her recent look in her collaboration music video with Justin Timberlake, i think she looks younger now than she did 20 yrs ago!

When looking back at her style her looks are iconic in that they are remembered so much and this is one of the reasons madonna is loved all over the world, for her ballsy attitude and her amazing music. Not only is madonna energetic on stage, shes energetic with her style.

Here's to another 50 years of Madonna.

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