Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Conform to the 'uniform'?

Goodbye summer, welcome autumn/winter! Don't get me wrong i love summer i love the beer gardens, the energetic moods, the patterned clothing but nothing can beat my love of black and this autumn/winter every womans wardrobe will be heaving with black in so many different fabrics! The trend reports are everywhere at the minute, from your high end fashion magazine to your weekly womans magazine, to some articles in your newspaper and almost all the trends im just loving. The styles are so me. This a/w black will be everywhere! Tartan too.

The masculine trend is back again (something i will definately not complain about!) check out Yves Saint Laurent catwalk show-im loving their styling of the outfits especially the hair and make-up, its all so minimal and the focus is entirely on the outfit. Each model had the same hair cut, shape and each wore goth influenced make up. A key theme in the masculine trend is minimalism and Calvin Klien's show was 'a masterclass in elegant minimalism and sculpted shapes'. I cannot wait to get my hands on some stunning suit pieces and a new LBD.

Black Lace is going to be huge this winter too, so when choosing your christmas party outfit, ladies head for the black lacy dresses! Prada had some lovely lace pieces in this seasons collection check out the show here. Along with this sumptious, black lace comes the Dark Romance trend: very heavily influenced by goths and fantasy. Some of my main pieces i loved came straight from Riccardo Tisci Givenchy show. I really loved the styling too at the Givenchy show-tones of accessories against black contrasted fabrics.
With every autumn/winter show i get really excited because i just love the colours out in winter and the trends i love, the masculine trend always seems to show its face but i just cannot get enough. When looking through my Elle collections magazine (which by the way is a 'must buy it' magazine! the format of the mag, the styling and the creative artistic side of the mag and most definatley the content is unbelieveable!) my attention is immediatley drawn to the tailoring, and one afternoon with my costa, i got to thinking that the masculine trend is somewhat of a uniform, although the style changes from season to season the basics are still there; a good pair of well cut trousers, a blouse/shirt of some sort, some killer heels, acessories and a stunning jacket. And this then led me onto thinking about good old high school and the uniforms you just had to wear there, shirt tucked in of course. Now my photos of me from school are too embarassing so i aint posting any! But with the uniform in mind i remembered how i felt back then and i seriously hated the uniform and now i love it! Ironnic?! and in my email i came across a uniform article...
If you go on Look magazines website you will see an article into work wear, the team have put together an amazing shopping list of things to buy to fill your wardrobe with clothing that have the 'uniform' style to them.
who knew 4 years later that i would love the uniform look, white t black slouchy trousers or skirt with stunning accessories i just love the look! These pieces i really love...This tulip skirt is gorgeous, you can wear it down with a printed t and flats (which are huge this season) or wear with a ruffled white shirt and heels for the 'uniform' look!
Miss Selfridge £30Mock Croc belt, Primark £2

Overall i loved the shows if i had to choose 3 favourites (jeeez thats harder than you think!) it would include; Givenchy, because of the styling, the stunning fabrics and amazing accessories; dolce & gabbana for their fabric choices (lots of slouchy grey and tartan pieces); and finally Yves Saint Laurent simple styling and for the sheer effect it had on the show-what a statement!

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