Saturday, 26 June 2010

American Gigolo photoshoot

As promised these are our group shoot images for our end of year photoshoot, based on the film 'American Gigolo'. (unedited photos)

Photography: Laura Oliver
MUA: Hannah Ellen
Team Leaders: Myself and Claire Johnson
Styling/art direction etc....Fashion Promotion with Styling students, year2, UCLAN

Friday, 25 June 2010

Captivating Contrasts

I love the look of this photoshoot: the lighting, location choice, the props...everything.

I find the contrast of the beautiful model against the blemished backdrop interesting and exciting.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010


How cute is this photoshoot from MCMag???

I love how the stylist has styled the clothing with quite a country-esque feeling with the headpieces and wellington boots, all against the backdrop of business greys, navy and silver architectural buildings of New York City.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Washed Ashore Inspiration

When I get back from my beach filled break, I am doing a photoshoot with a group of people based on the idea of 'Washed Ashore'. The photographer contacted myself and Marie (my stylist friend) with positive feedback on our last photoshoot that myself and Marie styled together: the photoshoot where we made natural headgear from twigs, leather straps and patience.

So, with the idea of washed ashore, I have been thinking about the shoot and looking at fashion imagery to give me inspiration and ideas for the styling of the shoot. The photographer has asked if I could make custom made pieces for the shoot, pieces very much like the accessories we made for the last organic shoot: which is very exciting to have a project and something to work towards in the summer.

I came across this photoshoot from Dazed Digital which is perfect inspiration for our photoshoot. The brief is basically, as mentioned, based on the washed ashored theme, the look needs to be quite natural, we are having two male models and the styling ideas spoke of at the mo, are naturally made or found accessories for guys: so when I came across these images I became very excited and the ideas started forming.

The headpieces in this shoot I just love. I'm excited to start drawing up some ideas with the photographer and I think my holiday will really help with inspiring me for the shoot, my suitcase coming back to the UK may well be filled with drift wood and gorgeous shells.

Friday, 18 June 2010

New faces, new places

I go away this weekend for two weeks for a yummy rest, but when I get back I want to do more projects for university, maybe change my work experience for a bit.

Before we finished for our summer holidays, we did a group photoshoot based on the film, 'American Gigolo' (which, some time this week I will upload the photos of) and whilst being a team leader, I began to realise how much work really goes into a photoshoot, and how much networking one can do just through one photoshoot. So with this in mind, for some work experience over summer I began to look at Model agencies to see if I could work alongside the casting for models, or even just be in the environment and just see how things work when casting models. I think when I get back from my jollies I will contact some agencies in Leeds to get some more work experience.....

Oh also, in my email the other day, I saw part of an article showcasing new faces in the model/fashion world and I came across this stunning model, Marthe Flatmo.

She is naturally beautiful. I love her long hair, her innocent face and her striking eyes.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Gorgeous Chocolate Advert


The Premiere's with the girls....

Well, now that SATC2 mania has relaxed a little, I just want to share my favourite Premiere outfits the ladies chose.

New York



My favourite has gotta be the Tokyo choice of dress. The ladies look gorgeous, there dresses are stunning and each looks vintage-esque which I just love, the garments seem to have more character. I think at the Tokyo premiere also, the girls look more like their on screen characters. Miranda choosing the ever so elegant and formal LBD: Charlotte looking like a gorgeous 1950's lady: Samantha wearing a sexy shimmering dress and Carrie, wearing a stunning Carrie-esque dress with added Carrie styling choices i.e eccentric jewellry, vintage tan belt finished off with towering heels.

I'm excited for the DVD to come out to see all those yummy bonus features, maybe an interview with Patricia????

Creative mix

A new magazine launch is always exciting....

Idomenee magazine fuses fashion and art creating beautiful imagery to showcase the image more so than the product.

'An exciting obsession to discover new ideas from creative minds'

I feel a coffee table pile up coming on.

Oh so chic Marion....

In my inbox today I came across some stunning photographs of Marion Cotillard in July's issue of Vogue.

The photography, shot by Mario Testino is gorgeous: the lighting, the location everything, and the styling is beautiful. Although with working with Marion, I think whatever she wears she looks beautiful and elegant. I think it's her french genes, I think every french female has that chic style inbuilt.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Styling Experimentation at B.H.F

These are just a couple of images I have taken at the British Heart Foundation in the last two weeks. I love the top outfit, the colours are gorgeous, I think the whole outfit looks quite 'Vintagey'.

After styling outfits at FOUND and B.H.F, I realise I prefer using the clothing and accessories at FOUND, the pieces are more stylish and match better, but then again at B.H.F there's so much choice to style and so many hidden gems to find. This does however add an extra 20 mins to styling the outfits at B.H.F because I have to look through each shelf to make sure I'm choosing the best products for the B.H.F customer.