Sunday, 28 February 2010

My fashion week favourites

Paul Costelloe

Topshop Unique


Margaret Howell

Jaeger London


Caroline Charles

Burberry Prorsum


For the London Fashion Week roundup, I'm not going to bore you guys with another generic review as I bet everyone of you has seen a show, or has checked out and has probably read 20+ reviews on the shows so I'm gonna let you guys know some of my favourites....

Favourite Shows- Burberry, Margaret Howell, Caroline Charles

Favourite Accessories- hats from Burberry, Caroline Charles's rusty brown, leather pilot hat, Mulberry's tan dufflebag, hats at Jaeger London, boots at Burberry

Favourite Styling- Margaret Howell, bSTORE, Burberry, Mulberry

Favourite Presentation- Mark Fast celebrating curvacious women, Topshop nature inspired show, Sykes checkerboard flooring, Boudicca, Burberry

Favourite Trends- baggy structured outerwear, colour palette for fall.10- cranberry, Khaki, oil splashed greys, black, stength

Favourite Pieces- Outerwear at Burberry, Paul Costelloe's sheer, navy blue volumnious blouse, Topshop Unique Fantastic Mr Fox T, Navy Blue lace shirt at Burberry and heavy collared black leather jacket at Burberry

Favourite Look- Burberry, bSTORE, Sykes, Mulberry, Margaret Howell, Hakaan

Is it EVA a Wise comment?

I read an article in the Observer Magazine, 'Here's one I made earlier', an article on the 'fashion' of celebrities' children being a smaller version of themselves.

For my last group photography project, we looked into role reversal for the theme, which you guys can see here, so it was quite an interesting read as the subject is one which I am always questioning.

However, when I read said article, I felt dissappointed by the journalist. The writer of the article, Eva Wiseman seemed to be promoting this idea, '... dressed in mini versions of their parents' signature costumes, really make the sartorial heart go boom' it may well have just be my own attitude when I approached the article, as I don't believe in having the kids as a 'trend' or as a 'fashion' statement, OK, if the children want to express themselves through their clothing, and the choices are appropriate for their age, then yes im all for this, but to have them dressing exactly like their parents, isn't this defeating the idea of letting your children have their individuality?

Then Wiseman began to regain my confidence, 'Then one bright morning...' talking of Jordan's 'Sickest Stunt', that of dressing Princess as Jordon, dressing her as Katie Price would have been enough but Jordon?? come on Katie, don't you have an award for Best Mother or something??? But my confidence was premature, yes I agree with Wiseman that 'It was an explosion of postmodernity' but then she goes on to say it was a week of good news?!? Good news? I do agree with the statement that 'they are mocking up the next OK! generation', but she doesn't further this with any negative opinion. Maybe I read it wrong, maybe it was an article just discussing the concept and not really questioning wether it's right or wrong. I don't know, but I know my own opinion on'The dressed-up kids, with their scaled-down accessories and tiny little shoes, providing more room for the star to sparkle'.

What do you guys reckon?

Banksy. Woz ere. I.D.S.T. 4eva.

Some TAG, some may be seen as vandals and some produce interesting, comical, well thought through, clever artworks.... im talking about, of course, The Graffiti Artist or in Banksy's case Artiste.

Watch Banksy creating the front cover for the Sunday Times magazine.

I love how Banksy's, specifically, changes the space automatically yet so seemingly effortlessly.

Friday, 26 February 2010

One of my images I submitted for my credit crunch shoot, has been toplisted on, on erikhaal's profile :) Thanks Erikhaal.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The McQueen Shoot.

Checking out McQueens designs over the years, with a career spanning, 20 years is quite a task. His work is so influential to others. He has had many shows and has been invovled in many collaborations including the 09 collaboration with Puma.

I read McQueen's biography on his site to help me in really understanding McQueen and the brand to put this shoot together, it stated on the site that, 'Integral to the McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity'. I will keep this in mind when thinking of the actual fashion story/looks for the shoot.

For a man who has these following awards both myself and Moira want to do not only McQueen, but all of his followers in fashion proud too. (So no pressure there then :s)

The following awards have recognized Alexander McQueen’s achievement in fashion: British Designer of the year 1996, 1997, 2001, and 2003, International Designer of the Year by The Council of Fashion Designer's of America (CFDA) in 2003, A Most Excellent Commander of The British Empire’ (CBE) by her Majesty the Queen in 2003, GQ Menswear Designer of the Year in 2007.

A lord of mis rule

Hedi Slimane

I have come across Hedi Slimane's work before, but not really taken note of the photographer (naughttty!) and I know I have, as I remember seeing some of his images, which I have come across when researching the amazing, androgony influenced and inspirational photographer.

Hedi Slimane is parisian born (you can really see his home roots in his images- that french sexiness always comes through), and at the very young age of 28 years old he became the head designer at Y.S.L and 4 years later, he then became head designer at DIOR, so its no surprise that Slimane has been illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld (in 07) as 'the worlds best designer at the moment' in description of being a menswear designer.

I can't actually believe that I haven't really ever researched or come across Slimane's work, what with my love for anything androgony-like, and this is his trademark, as Ingrid Sischy (for Interview Magazine) states, 'He contributed to a real look' and it's this androgynous style that is well portrayed in his images and when he was a designer, it was something that, commercially, was brilliant for sales, as his pieces appealed to both genders.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Alexander McQueen shoot.

In memory of the late Alexander McQueen me and a friend, the brilliant photographer Moira Yardley-Sprunt, are producing a McQueen Style shoot.

So Im beginning to research into looks we will go for and maybe brands to help give me inspiration for the styling aspect of the shoot, because obviously being a student I wouldn't be able to walk into the McQueen store and ask to buy or even borrow the clothing for a shoot, this would not go down well.

I would love to base the shoot on McQueens s/s10 show: lots of sci-fy looking creations, with looks that could frighten, yet excite any newcomer into the fashion world but as it's a shoot celebrating his style and his life in fashion, it's quite apt to look at his most iconic pieces and base the looks around these.

So where to begin, well watching the beautiful tribute to the genious himself on his webpage of course.

For the shoot (as the purse strings are quite tight) we both need to be very creative with what we produce, I think 4 key looks will be perfect for the amount of time, the budget etc that we have, I will look at his very first show, his last and a couple of iconic moments in his career for the other two looks.

Will keep you guys updated x

James Long Fall 10.Live

Notes from the show;

-mix fabrics-corduroy, leather, cable knit
-colour palette-cranberry, navy, grey, browns
-all in one corduroy jumpsuit/mechanic suit- navy blue-favourite piece!
-models- prominent eyebrow, shaggy hair high top with headband at front lifting fringe
-shape-power shoulder, baggy outerwear, strong/strength
-knee pads embroidered in- leather on corduroy
-patchwork-diff fabrics
-cinched waist
-big collars- all happening around the neck this season- big structures-scarves, collars etc

Christopher Shannon Fall 10.Live.

Notes from the show;

-colour palette-navy, grey, cranberry, browns, oatmeal
-on the face-butterfly stitching?- snowflake shape on the back of the head of a model- white
-indonesian style/looking pattern-grey and white
-duffle coats-tied around waist
-mixed fabrics-one garment looked like a sheer bee suit
-feeling-stylish/tragic hiker
-protective clothing
-hair-high top


I was sent an email today, from DazedDigital, showcasing a series of specially commissioned films, showing Dazed and Confused magazine support for young designers: these short films are being aired at Somerset House during fashion week and I already have my favourite....

visit this link, its the 2nd video down x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Burberry Prorsum fall 10.Live.

I was very excited for the Burberry show today, I love the brand's english look and style and Burberry's trademark trench coats are always beautiful.

Whilst waiting for the show to start, usually we are able to watch through the live stream, the audience members being located their seats, we are able to ogle at Wintour without feeling nervy, but for Burberry this wasn't good enough, thank heavens really because we were able to watch short clips of the run up to the catwalk show which made the whole feeling as if your actually there with all the surrounding hype, that much stronger: we were able to see interviews with celebrities including; Twiggy, The Olsen twins, The Kooks and not forgetting George Craig, one of the male models for the s/s10 Burberry campaign advertisements.

The presenter interviewed Anna de Rijk, a model walking for Burberry to catch up on the atmosphere backstage and to also get her opinion on the collection,

'Burberry has a lot of character, this collection is naturally elegant'.

We also had the chance to see a small interview with Christopher Bailey where he stated what he wanted to achieve with this show,

'The show is not only about the clothing but about the scent of the room, who your sat next to, the music.....the emotion that you leave with is about understanding the point of view that Burberry has'.

The show certainly did not disappoint, here are my notes that I scribbled down the whole way through the show;

-outerwear-BIG-key to show
-trenchcoat looks-big collars, cinched waists, gold buttons, bowed tied at the back
-fabrics-leather, fur (guys and gals), ruched fabrics
-colour palette-khaki, midnight blue, fuschia, cranberry, dusty camel, oil splashed grey, mustard, black (v.similar to jaegar ldn)
-model had a very natural look. Hair free flowing and make up nude
-shoes- ankle boots, Knee High blackleather shoes (you couldn't distinguish sometimes between where the trousers end and the shoes began, which is most definately a good thing)
-buckles everywhere-collars, cuffs, shoes, bags/zips-functional and some not/studs/buttons-gold military looking
-shape-power shoulder/outerwear-big, baggy, structured differently
-feeling-60's londoner
-wearable collection
-low slung baggy bags, clutch bags-masculine style, feminine colour
-gorgeous lace navy blue shirt
-music-folk rock
-favourite piece- black leather jacket with sheepskin lining with oversized collar and cuffs