Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New york and Workwear- my two favourite things

My loyal readers will now know that I don't really like styling females very girly and pretty, that's just not my style, I like to give them a different sense of standing and a sense of being as you have probably already read in one of my past posts, so when I came across an article on a exhibiton where curators,critics and designers have the chance to mix the genders by dissecting imagery and symbols of certain dress codes that shape the business world, basically to help to inspire you to resist authority I read on.

I love the playfullness and abruptness of the 'no messing' attitude by simply placing imagery on top of imagery, by adding layers (literally and metophorically) and mixing genders ever so directally as John Stezaker has in Betrayal VIII.

I am so jealous that I won't make the exhibition, not because of some other glamourous prior engagement but for the very boring reason of not having the amazing opportunity of living in New York, but hay hoo, I guess I can catch it over the net.....boohhoooo :(

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