Wednesday, 17 February 2010


So who saw the BRITS????


Well what a night, some critics are saying that the BRITS has lost its 'rock n roll' attitude and some of its music/creative flair: the show seeming more produced than past shows, but to hell with all this, I loved it!

The performances were amazing, I loved Cheryl Cole's energetic, and somewhat aggressive performance: her entrance was brilliant and for me, definatley unexpected, she really shot out of that floor. Obviously loved the collaboration with Dizzy Rascal and Florence and the Machine, she looked lovely and Dizzy very dapper. Not forgetting, how could we really, Lady Gaga's performance: apparently I heard that the performance was changed at the last minute out of respect really for the sudden and tragic loss of Gaga's close friend, Alexander McQueen, the performance was a lot more sombre than people expected but it was beautiful. The set was stunning and Lady Gaga's ensemble was gorgeous, (the only real crit I have about it was that the skin toned bodysuit should have been that little bit tighter as at times it looked saggy, not a good look) I especially loved the lacing over her brow bone and her candy floss (vanilla flavoured) hair was amazing.

Brilliant night, and lots of great British talent, wonderful.


I really didn't like Lily Allen's performance outfit, the performance was fun but the baggy leather against her small figure didn't really do it for me, it completely detered her figure- taking away her bum and her chest. And what was with the terrible orange wig??

Florence looked hot, her red carpet outfit was barely visable but the colour tone was gorgeous and very on trend and I just loved her dress for her performance with Dizzy, how different both acts look but how brilliantly do they work together, musically of course :)

Loved loved loved Cheryl's trench jacket for her performance and her aviators were amazing! Fearne cotton had many dress changes through the night, but I just think that this particular one didn't work well with her figure and her skin tone, but I loved her fishtail hair and red smackers and certainly not forgetting the international celebs from 'across the pond', (in the words of Jay-z) Alicia Keys, she looked stunning, that dress is gorgeous, its black, sequined and with strong shoulders, what more could we ask for??

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