Sunday, 28 February 2010

My fashion week favourites

Paul Costelloe

Topshop Unique


Margaret Howell

Jaeger London


Caroline Charles

Burberry Prorsum


For the London Fashion Week roundup, I'm not going to bore you guys with another generic review as I bet everyone of you has seen a show, or has checked out and has probably read 20+ reviews on the shows so I'm gonna let you guys know some of my favourites....

Favourite Shows- Burberry, Margaret Howell, Caroline Charles

Favourite Accessories- hats from Burberry, Caroline Charles's rusty brown, leather pilot hat, Mulberry's tan dufflebag, hats at Jaeger London, boots at Burberry

Favourite Styling- Margaret Howell, bSTORE, Burberry, Mulberry

Favourite Presentation- Mark Fast celebrating curvacious women, Topshop nature inspired show, Sykes checkerboard flooring, Boudicca, Burberry

Favourite Trends- baggy structured outerwear, colour palette for fall.10- cranberry, Khaki, oil splashed greys, black, stength

Favourite Pieces- Outerwear at Burberry, Paul Costelloe's sheer, navy blue volumnious blouse, Topshop Unique Fantastic Mr Fox T, Navy Blue lace shirt at Burberry and heavy collared black leather jacket at Burberry

Favourite Look- Burberry, bSTORE, Sykes, Mulberry, Margaret Howell, Hakaan

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