Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Alexander McQueen shoot.

In memory of the late Alexander McQueen me and a friend, the brilliant photographer Moira Yardley-Sprunt, are producing a McQueen Style shoot.

So Im beginning to research into looks we will go for and maybe brands to help give me inspiration for the styling aspect of the shoot, because obviously being a student I wouldn't be able to walk into the McQueen store and ask to buy or even borrow the clothing for a shoot, this would not go down well.

I would love to base the shoot on McQueens s/s10 show: lots of sci-fy looking creations, with looks that could frighten, yet excite any newcomer into the fashion world but as it's a shoot celebrating his style and his life in fashion, it's quite apt to look at his most iconic pieces and base the looks around these.

So where to begin, well watching the beautiful tribute to the genious himself on his webpage of course.

For the shoot (as the purse strings are quite tight) we both need to be very creative with what we produce, I think 4 key looks will be perfect for the amount of time, the budget etc that we have, I will look at his very first show, his last and a couple of iconic moments in his career for the other two looks.

Will keep you guys updated x


Marie Florence said...

whats this whats thisss?? tell me more! :) x

Ashes said...

Moira text me the other day and asked if i wanted to do a shoot with her in memory of Alexander McQueen, don't know when we are going to do it, but im well up for it. xx