Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Macaron- Pierre Herme's

I have asked a good friend of mine if her mum could bring me back a macaron as she is heading back home (france) for a couple of days, and I have never tasted a Macaron before, so I'm so excited for her mum to get back to taste the delicious little puffs of heaven :) mmmmm

I imagine that the texture of them is quite light and crumbly on top and then the filling will be squidgy and yummy, oh my Im hungry....

I'm not asking for a bundle of Pierre Herme's most wanted macarons, but don't they look just lovely. The packaging is gorgeous, especially the bottom one :)


Zara_K said...

They look too good to eat!

Ashes said...

Don't they! Apparently you can buy some in the UK somewhere, sorry for the 'vagueness' for £9!! Wahoo...I might not have to wait after all :)