Monday, 15 February 2010

Role reversal- CLICK

Today we had to swap roles with the photographers, to understand how difficult some stylists maybe and to try and understand the role of the photographer learning all the ins and outs of photography ( including all the confusing technical stuff).
Some stylists may not like the idea of clicking that camera, they may like the fact that they are with the model, dressing her, making sure every crease is out of the clothing and all the outfit works.

It was beneficial to be taught by the photographers rather than have a lecture, with a lot of notes and plenty of slides: I found it much better to ‘get it from the horses mouth’. I asked plenty of questions, well , I wanted to learn :) especially how to take such a simple but elegant photograph as Scott Schuman takes for his Sartorialist website, with the blurry background and sharp, focused subject. We learnt how to set up location lighting, and I also had the chance to see what our uni pack contains which was good as I find that as I’m not that good with technical things (and im still sort of a newbie at Uclan!) I am put off and thus bringing a barrier to produce work I want to produce rather than just sticking with something because its easier. (*naughty. Naughty*)

Next week we are teaching the photographers a stylists role, which I reckon is harder to teach than teaching us about the camera: a stylist has a creative flair in built, is up-to-date with trends and should be able to dress a model in a maximum of 2 mins for a dress change for a catwalk show! We were thinking of making the learning fun by setting a challenge to dress something/someone in a limited amount of time, or asking the photographers to iron clothes and get every crease out Hahaha, this will be fun!

Will keep you guys posted…..literally.

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