Monday, 22 February 2010

Hunted the Observer...

So who took my advice and bought the new look 'Observer' at the weekend????

I bought myself it to check out the facehunter one page column, and to be honest It wasn't really what I was expecting. Nowadays, when considering the media we have at our fingertips, we can see images really quickly, and face hunters column only really offered what Yvan (the facehunter) already offers on his blog. I know I have written before on here in the past that seeing something through the internet isn't as good as flicking through a magazine, with all the tactile things occur when reading a magazine, but I just was expecting a little more than facehunter putting his images from the net (as it states at the bottom of the one page column if you want to comment on the images, visit his blog) and literally planting them onto a page in the observer magazine.

It might sound a little dim also as I don't really know what I wanted to see, but it just wasn't this.

I still love the concept though of facehunter and his blog is amazing, and the styles featured in the Observer mag were lovely to look at, especially, the image taken of Eva, a fashion buyer form Oslo, Stockholm. The colours in the image are stunning and I love her style. (I would show you a picture and I have followed the link from the magazine to 'comment on the images' but no luck, sorry guys)

O and not forgetting a quickie on the rest of the 'new look' paper, it is still mahussive! Which is a downer, but I love the section 'The New Review', and fantastically, this sundays had an article on 'The 10 best fashion Bloggers' showing of course, Tavi Gevinson, Susanna Lau, Gabi Gregg and Scott Schuman (not mine yet, give it another couple of years I hope :) and another new part I loved in the back part of this section of the whole newspaper, stating random facts, is the culture maps which highlights things like, box office hits in Aberdeen for instance, or most tracks listened to on Spotify last week.

As for spending £2 next week on the newspaper for mainly the facehunter section, im not too sure....

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