Friday, 12 February 2010

ELLE Collections

Has anyone bought Elle Collections magazine yet? I bought it the other day and have been meaning to blog about the mag for ages and only now have I got around to blogging about it, naughty me!


All you lovely people who have bought the magazine, what'd ya think??

It's almost like a book as each section has its own 'chapter', I love it; the size I think is much better than past Elle collections, as it can now actually fit into my handbag and I am able to read it on any public transport and not have to take up 2 seats just to open the mag! The soft, matt feel of the front cover and the mix of paper throughout the magazine I feel give the magazine more character, do bear in mind though that it does cost £6, so maybe you may have to miss a tall latte for the week but it's well worth it.

The images that are shown, are shown in a much more organic way, yet do obviously have some geometry in placing and layout. The images show focused parts of the garments and sometimes the images aren't very literal, for instance the page which describes the seasons most popular colour (biscuit/flesh/ecru) isn't full of images off the catwalk to portray this, but is a double page spread with a whole load of eggs all over the page. Alongside the imagery is very little copy but it's to the point, however the copy that is included, (which is printed onto a more matt paper) is a very interesting and entertaining read.

O and not forgetting the lovely double page spreads, created by Tommy Ton (blogger and photographer) dedicated to street style....the layout was very yummy.

If you haven't bought the magazine yet, do so, it's off sale 23 march, so you do still have some time left to get it but I wouldn't wait, go buy it now.

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