Thursday, 18 February 2010

Photoshoot essentials

A clever checklist of things to remember when I am creating a photoshoot,
(well, I am still learning after all :) )

-locations- outdoors?-weather- check out Met office website - make a contingency plan
-estimate how long the shoot will take
-how much will processing cost i.e print outs, where saving imagery etc
-any props needed
-if shooting on location-transport?- environment right for the theme?brand?
-look at free locations- showhouses, show flats, hotels, dance halls etc - always ask permission to take photos

(urban splash- a company that reinvents spaces)

-am I providing refreshments
-what's the budget
-always carry a camera (in general and on shoot-backstage shots)
-if shooting in a new city- ring national trust for tourist info
-look after your model, props, clothing
-for models- street cast- uni's, on the street, gym- take photos headshot and full length/ agencies- Boss models, Impact - north west model agencies


-take all jewelry off model
-ask model to wear roll on deodarnant
-help model put clothes on- cover models face when putting clothing over her head (NO MAKE UP STAINS!)
-specify what underwear the model should wear before a shoot
-ask model to not put fake tan on
-ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT- safety pins, bulldog clips, masking tape, gaffer tape
-press the garments
-if borrowing shoes tape the sole and heel with masking tape- to keep the studio backdrop clean
-make note of the clothing in every image- accessories/clothing/shoes
-who took the photos/hair/makeup- contributors

-contact local businesses for hair/make up- salons, make up counters


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