Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hedi Slimane

I have come across Hedi Slimane's work before, but not really taken note of the photographer (naughttty!) and I know I have, as I remember seeing some of his images, which I have come across when researching the amazing, androgony influenced and inspirational photographer.

Hedi Slimane is parisian born (you can really see his home roots in his images- that french sexiness always comes through), and at the very young age of 28 years old he became the head designer at Y.S.L and 4 years later, he then became head designer at DIOR, so its no surprise that Slimane has been illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld (in 07) as 'the worlds best designer at the moment' in description of being a menswear designer.

I can't actually believe that I haven't really ever researched or come across Slimane's work, what with my love for anything androgony-like, and this is his trademark, as Ingrid Sischy (for Interview Magazine) states, 'He contributed to a real look' and it's this androgynous style that is well portrayed in his images and when he was a designer, it was something that, commercially, was brilliant for sales, as his pieces appealed to both genders.

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