Thursday, 11 February 2010

Design History class....1980's

In the design history class we had the other day, we watched a documentry about the 1980's- the pop culture, the media, new romantics, sex, drugs, sexuality, singers etc It was kind of like a quick overview of the 80's.

I found the documentry interesting. I found it quite fascinating that in the 80's gay men would dress in lumber jack shirts with chunky boots (to come across as butch) for a night on the town, and nowadays the stereotypical dress code for lesbians is very much the same as this- checkered shirt, with junky boots.

Two of the main people that stood out to me from the documentry is Boy George and Annie Lennox for there brash gender roles they had at the time. Boy George was very feminine, wether he was for a specific reason is unsure, and yet on the other hand Annie lennox for a certain performace dressed as Elvis- as a sort of way of saying fuck stereotypes. In the 80's androgonoy was literally skin deep: something I'm quite fond of.

The idea of sex was highly focused. It seems as though sex was a recurrent theme in the 80's until the back end of the 80's when 'a new disease, known as AIDS crept upon Britain' and scared the jeeebies out of everyone. During the time when AIDS were on every news channel and was apparent on every newspaper, women started to become more stronger in socitey: led by Madonna, of course, in showing how powerful women are and as Madonna says in a clip we saw on the footage

- 'Pussy rules the world'

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