Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Burberry Prorsum looks SS/11

I'm still trying to take in the amazing Burbery show yesterday, it really was phenominal. Here's a few of my favourite pieces from the collection...

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ashish SS/11

The video above is the music that accomppanied the Western themed Ashish london fashion week show. It has a fab and playful beat to it, much like the collection today.

I believe Ashish may have seen ToyStory 3, loved the film and wanted to create replica adult sized costumes, only much more glamorous and with a fashion twist for SS/11.

The first look to hit the runway (the models gave the runway a ton of attitude) was a Cowgirl, yes a cowgirl, with the hat and the boots, everything.

For the show, the boots seemed to become an advertising space for brands, specifically with MacDonalds, which is quite ironic considering the song. The golden arches were spread all over the footwear. However, this may sound very costume-like, maybe a fancy dress idea, but you can see Ashish's influences and his style is influenced by fashion. The fringing in the pieces for instance is gonna be a trend for SS11: I've seen fringing on recent shows in the past few days, maybe not this literal but still fringing is key. I felt an androgynous theme with this collection too, although there were some dresses, in sequinned leopard print, but some of the structure and silhouette of some pieces was quite masculine. Underneath the fringing you saw glimpses of the lovely loose trouser, in nude tones acting almost like a back drop to Ashish's artwork. The relaxed fit seem to run throughout the show too which is fab for SS11.

There was one look which took comfort to it's extremes: the model was dressed in sweats-soft, grey marl sweats with added fringing to the pockets and side seams of the trousers, so if you are feeling the fringing trend and want to see it in your wardrobe next season get those pins out and add fringing to some of your basic wardrobe staples.

When looking at past collections of the designers, you understand that from the outside the show looks fun and playful, but I think there's an underlying thought to his 'out-there' pieces.

A fun show and what a way to bring Jessie the cowgirl (Woody's friend in ToyStory) to life.

Burberry Prorsum SS/11

Oh my goodness....

I have just finished watching the Burberry show, (I've been thinking about the show since last season) I've been so excited and when the live stream appeared on my computer screen I became even more so: the venue looked incredible, Christopher Bailey certainly doesn't do things by halves does he?

Did anyone else see the show? Or is that just a really silly question?

After seeing a couple of interviews before said show, which included the likes of Serena Williams, SJP, Alexa Chung and the god of fashion, Anna Wintour, the filming then went straight to the catwalk. Our view was more so from above so you could really understand the sheer size of the catwalk runway (apparently one of the biggest if not the biggest in the country for LFW). The floor was amazing although, if you did see the show: could you see the model falling before it happened? I could, I felt worried for her then embarrassed, but you know what, it was completely worth it, and I'm sure the model would say the same thing because if your gonna fall wouldn't you want to, in an amazing, heavily studded Burberry biker jacket?!

Anyway, enough about the show, lets discuss the clothes.

Burberry's statement trench coat this season was belted with fun, coloured belts, which juxtaposed lovely with Burberry's style of country/britishness. As for design of the trench, Bailey added leather with some trench coats whether as an arm, or trimming and most of the leather was quilted, giving the look a much softer edge although some of the trench's reminded me a little of the military look-quite structured and strong. The trench for Burberry also lost a little of it's length; alongside Burberry's statement trench there was a plethora of biker jackets (a definate trend for next year: well if it's at Burberry...): biker jackets that were heavily studded with spike studs or ball bearing studs where amazing (and they looked extremly heavy but gorgeous). My favourite biker jacket from the collection has to be the gorgeous, soft ruffled leather biker, the layering of leather looked beautiful and made the biker a lot more feminine. A note I also made with the biker was the amount of straps, buttons and detailing each one had, giving the look that Rock 'n' Roll feel.

In terms of colour palette, there were a lot of muted tones,specifically in Burberry's khaki green, but also some off beige colours too the only shots of bright colour were really seen in the accessories- the belts, the enveloped clutch bags. However, saying this, colour did come through in Bailey's dresses, which were just gorgeous- they were ruched and draped on the body, short in length: they reminded me of bandeau dresses but much more glamourous and sohpsiticated and the colours of these were stunning- soft mint green, dusted rose. The pieces looked really quite elegant, yet very wearable.

We saw leather pants again for the season from Bailey, with quiting detailing too- I kinda got a feeling of the equestrian look with regards to the Burberry trouser this season- some trousers were the colour of traditional riding trousers and looked skin tight.

To end the show, not only did the last model, in the last look, fall on the mirrored floor (oh dear) in those beautiful heels but the ceiling became studded with silver confetti. Very rock 'n' roll. Such a fantastic show.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Mark Fast looks SS/11

Here's some fab photos of the amazing Mark Fast runway show at London Fashion Week...

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Holly Fulton looks SS/11

Photographs of the fabulous Holly Fulton SS/11 show at London Fashion week.

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David Koma looks SS/11

Images from the playful David Koma fashion show...

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Peter Pilotto looks SS/11

Photos of some of the key pieces from Peter Pilotto...

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Mark Fast SS/11

Now this was a show that really took my breathe away. The pieces were absolutely stunning: in design, style and craftsmenship: just unbelievable.

A huge theme that ran throughout this amazingly beautiful show was fringing- and lots of it. Mark Fast is known for his creative technique: I like to think of it as spider-web design for knitwear and there was plenty to be had today at his show. There were many body con dresses, all like I say with his spider-web effect neckline, and many of the dresses had layer after layer of hanging fringing on specific parts of the garment, mainly hanging at the bottom of the dress, so when the model moves she promotes a gorgeous, sashay effect, or at the hips-the fringing kinda reminded me of curtain tassles, but obviously much more glamourous. You realise that Fast designed this collection with panneling in mind with each pannel connected to glorius sheer fabric (I think it was knit but it looked so delicate and see-through that I'm unsure).

Another trend running through the collection was embellishment, which we have seen for SS/11 already in other shows but none to Fast's effect. The pieces looked incredible and so delicate to touch, which juxtaposed really well with the models look. We also saw proportion play again with the layering of fabrics. As for colour, we had everything from dusted rose to tangerine, there was a fab strawberries and cream coloured garment that really did look good enough to eat. Alongside all the sweety goodness, there appeared a couple of Madonna-eque pointed bras, in a shiny, S&M looking fabric.

When the lights went down, I thought the show was over and I began to take in what I just saw, but then the lights shone bright and at the end of the runway there was a model, stood, wearing an unbelieveably intrinsic design. The lights revealed a heavily fringed, pure white sheer dress, fringed at the hips, arms and bottom of the dress: she walked to the flashing camera lights and stood for examination and for us each to take the detail in. This piece looked incredible and the presentating of it was amazing.

Such a great show, Mark Fast is fast becoming my favourite designer of the season.

Holly Fulton SS/11

There was fun and colour at Holly Fulton's SS/11 show.

From the live streamed london fashion week shows I've seen over the week, Fulton's has definatly been one of the most colourful I have seen for SS/11.

The first look was a 'crazy paving' patterned blouse in loud tangerine tucked into a pencil skirt, which had added, what looked like faux fur, trimming to the seams:see what I mean, very playfull and so Fulton.

The collection brought to mind the Aztecs: the print and the embellished pieces specifically took me to this time- the colour too, there was plenty of fleshy tones all highlighted with emebellished necklines: the embelishment also enhanced the silhouette by trimming and framing the pieces. The collection was quite ethnic in inspiration.

Again we saw the skater girl skirt with some enveloped with furry-like trimming and as for accessories: the arm candy was chunky and shiny and the handbags carried were very boxy and quite mascuine in comparison with the overall look.

The sense I got from the show was of a 1970's glamour model/celeb sat by the poolside sipping cocktails wearing heavy costume jewelry, with her pulled back bouffant 70's do, catching some rays. A fab show and an exciting look into SS/11.

David Koma SS/11

After Pilotto's fabulous collection: onto David Koma SS/11, the designer well known for dressing many celebrities including Cherly Cole and Noami Campbell.

I immediately realised that the skater skirt may well be a trend as I have seen it crop up for the past couple of shows I have watched, and I don't know wether I'm gonna grasp to this as I will the other SS/11 trends but still Koma made the piece look glamourous and sassy.

The collection boasted a lot of sheer panelling rather than utilising the fabric to adorn a full garment, which I thought was a fab way for us to buy into the trend in SS/11 if you, like me, won't be wearing sheer head to toe, Oh no no...we also saw more pleating at the show, this time much more softer, the detailing though of the pieces was incredible.

A silhouette I have seen recurring is the 'apron', and Koma is a designer who embraced this look without no hiding- he added fabric, directly on top on the underneath garment and pleated the fabric so the piece really stuck out from the waist and hips. I think this again is another trend that I may not be buying into but it's still fun and I like the idea. With this idea you can imagine the porportion play Koma had for this collection. It kinda gave me a sense of french maid, specifically when the monochromatic pieces walked by. I might take on this trend by layering fabrics over one another and playing with porportions.

The colour palette was one which was quite sombre for SS/11 really. There were nudes, white, monochrome pieces, shots of shiny gold and some lovely lemon sorbet colours. The fabrics again were sheer, some leather and I think I saw some organza- Koma here adding a little edge to his see-through fabrics.

Peter Pilotto SS/11

Another fabulous Topshop sponsored london fashion week show.

This morning it was Peter Pilotto's turn of showing his inspirational looks for SS/11.

Again the show was held in the yummy location of the old eurostar building (with yesterdays Richard Nicoll beautiful show too) and again there was a plethora of sheer fabric gracing the catwalk.

The first look out was predominantly white (deja vu from yesterday anyone?) and absolutely gorgeous, when the model turned to walk back up the runway, the stunning,sensual detailing began to unravel: the back were of sheer fabric, it just looked stunning.

Throughout the show there was a lot of feminine shapes and textures, as mentioned the key fabric being sheer chiffon but we also saw soft suede, stretchy, slouchy jersey and some fab trousers, mostly white but with a huge shot of colour at the side seams, almost like what the fashionable crowd (but skint) people of the 1970's did to their 60's trousers to bring them up to trend-sew in more fabric to widen the shape and silhouette.

Pilotto played with proportion too which was cute and there was plenty of wrapping of textures over one another. Another trend I think we will see for SS/11 is the slashed skirt, Pilotto slashed the bottom of his long skirts (not midi,not maxi) right up to the thigh.

The collection looked very wearable, the women looked effortlessly stunning with a scruffy chignon and middle parting, and minimal make-up.

A great show for proportion play and playful with colour and tonal shades.

Richard Nicoll looks SS/11

These are some of my favourite pieces from the Richard Nicoll show yesterday at London Fashion week.

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