Sunday, 19 September 2010

Michael Van Der Ham SS/11

I have just watched the live stream of the Michael Van der Ham london fashion week show, and what a stunningly beautiful show it was. Set in a gorgeous building, with the fashion crowded audience to one side whilst the looks floated down the catwalk.

As always with this designer, his budget for the use of a variety of fabrics is huge, but so worth it. The colour palette was a stunning mix of chalky berry tones with yummy shots of sky blue embraced on the beautiful velvet strappy sandals worn throughout the show.

Again the SS/11 trend of sheer chiffon fabric was highly celebrated at the show with some gorgeous blouses with cute collars and fab velvet prints (kinda reminded me of those colour boards you could get when you were a kid-you remember the black velvet strips seperating each characters?) Also a trend I'm noticing for SS/11 is loose trousers (in season now) which is fab for those who very rarily wear dresses i.e. myself and they each came in beautiful colours from smudged grey to deep purple.

Some of my favourite pieces, along with the fantastic blouses, were the technically incredible and absolutely gorgeous tops with sewn in shawls, and sewn in goddess-like floating fabrics-very feminine.

The look for me, hinted towards a 90's woman, with the slicked back straight hair and acid yellow eyeshadow.

A fab show all round. Pictures posted up soon as.

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