Sunday, 19 September 2010

Richard Nicoll SS/11

So, I have ust finished watching the eagerly awaited Richard Nicoll live streamed london fashion week show: it was simply beautiful.

To open the show a guy walked the catwalk spraying a perfume to give a scent for the collection to come.

The first look was predominantly white and predominantly sheer. The looks to follow all had a very hippy vibe to them-the sheer fabric added a gorgeous gliding sensation to the clothing giving the structure a completly different look and sense. The key shape I noticed was the skirt-trouser, you remember those hideous pieces of clothing you used to wear in the 1990's, well I did, unfortunatley, and mine was in a hideous Viscose, cheap nasty fabric, now if I was presented with one of these pieces back then I would have gladly have boasted about it now because I would really be on trend for SS11. The pieces were not hideous here however, the fabric, pleated chiffon on top, added a beautiful tone to the garment. This show heavily showcased layering of the chiffon fabric and Nicoll played with proportions for most of his pieces.

The shape of things to come? Well Nicoll embraced the A-line skirt (a fall/10 trend) only, used the sheer fabric to add a much more feminine feel to the garment. After plenty of monochromatic pieces floated by, with a couple of shots of leather, we were engaging in a more romantic theme for the rest of the collection. The disco sheer fabric showed it's sparkling head again which was cute and a couple of laquered pvc-look-alike pieces walked on by. I also caught a glimpse of this seasons trend cape for fall, only this time the shape of said cape had turned into a more superhero cape than elegant country-girl cover up.

A very feminine show and I think the best show so far encompassing the sheer, chiffon fabric trend.

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