Friday, 17 September 2010

Triumph Inspiration Award 2010: The Winner

With london fashion week starting today, there's always a ton of fabulous events happening and last night, the grand finale of the Triumph Inspiration Award was awarded.

If you guys visit my blog (thank you by the way) then you may have seen my blog post about the Triumph Awards I wrote a couple of weeks back, (if not it's here).

I am so pleased that Nikolay Bojilov (Bulgaria) won the award, with his 'Morphology' design piece. It's times like this that I am really proud to be a student: Nikolay is incredibly talented, I cannot wait to see more of this guys talent.

1st- Nikolay Bojilov

2nd - Amaya Carcamo (Spain) 'Wood Sensation' (I really did love this piece though, I'm glad I didn't have to judge)

3rd - Lodovico Loffreda (Italy)

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