Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Triumph Inspiration award 2010

I love to see students' work, not only to check out my competition but also to see the new designers and creatives of the world of today. I love to learn about peoples influences and how they come about certain ideas, so when I checked my internet world today I read a fab article about the 'Triumph Inspiration award 2010'.

Young designers from many different countries and many different backgrounds, have created some amazing lingerie designs for their entry pieces for this award. The pieces are incredible. Rankin has photographed the entries while Helena Christensen has modeled each design: the images are recognisably Rankin- shot on a clear background, very focused which is key because the pieces speak for themselves. Overall, there were 27 entries I saw on LOOK Magazine's webpage. Whilst looking through the images I seemed to be more drawn towards the block coloured, more masculine looking pieces, this is my personal preference though really: alongside the masculine pieces there's some cute feminine designs too and I spotted a few futuristic pieces, channeling the late Lee McQueen's work(see france and china entries).

It's great to see the different entries from around the globe because you get to understand the designers inspirations and you get a sense of their country: the atmosphere, the attitude and style. I believe a persons surroundings, wether consciously or not, forms part of their design. Physically- regarding the fabrics and materials used but also metaphorically.

Out of the 27 entries featured, I picked some of my favourites.



Great Britain



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