Thursday, 12 August 2010

'The Like'- The Look of the 60's

With the fact that the fall season has a heavy 1950's influence with a hint of 1960's Brigitte Bardot, the band 'The Like' at the minute are right on trend.

I saw an article in the ELLE preview feature, in the music hot list discussing their new album, out september, named 'Release Me'. The feature had images of the four girl band (originally a trio): the images were really fun and personal, the girls had their photographs simply taken on a passport photo strip. I think this way of photographing is brilliant, the small space to see the character is great because we only see such a small space the subject has to do other things to show us their personality.

The bands look I really like, as mentioned they have a 60's influenced look, Elizabeth 'Z' berg (guitar and vocals) wearing beautifully heavy eyeliner in said image. Their music is brilliant too....can't wait to get their album and flick through the album sleeve whilst listening to 'He's Not a Boy'.


Doremy Diatta said...

hey, these are some great photos, i lvoe the one in the middle of all black. turtlenecks and stockings, ive got to try that in winter :)

come by sometime,
The Ballon Rouge

Wardrobe Wars said...

We also love The Like. There style is wonderful, Tennesse Thomas has some wonderful clothes!! It's easy to see how her and Alexa Chung are friends. I love when they swap clothes and you can see the different was that they wear things.
Greetings from Ireland
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