Sunday, 1 August 2010

Magnificent Obsession

I very rarely buy American Vogue: just personal preference, yes it's a great magazine for commercial reasons I'm not denying that but if I do buy the magazine, I stick to admiring Grace Coddington's timeless work.

Anyway, the July issue, I bought, mainly because Marion Cotillard graced the cover, looking stunning as ever, but also because of the Peter Lindbergh photoshoot, featuring Ewan McGregor and Natalia Vodianova.

As you may have noticed I love film and I love fashion and this photoshoot really complimented my two loves. The editorial of the shoot specifically: I love the opening page, depicting an almost movie-poster-esque vibe with the text of the story. The clothes were taken from some of my favourite collections of the season, and the fashion image reflecting the 1950's american mom, living in a bedroom community is simply delightful.

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Marian said...

Natalia is so gorgeous!

Adorable editorial