Monday, 30 August 2010

AW10 Wardrobe lusts

I'm really excited about the new season pieces. The trends this season I love too, especially the camel colour palette-it's absolutely gorgeous. Some pieces i'm gonna buy into for AW10 will hint towards the ladylike trend-mainly the box ladylike handbags and some kitten heels but then on a complete opposite I wanna buy a heavy, chunky knit sweater in a nude tone and belt it with a skinny tan belt. I'm gonna buy some key simple knits too and style them with pearls or gold trinket necklaces too. In regards to keeping my feet all snuggly I'm gonna invest in some super soft loafers and some shearling trimmed booties.

What you guys gonna buy into for the new season?

Boxy Lady Leather bag, Topshop, £50

Brown Loafers, River Island, £39.99

Ribbed Tunic, Next, £30

Fine Knit grey sweater, Next, £16

Friday, 27 August 2010

P.S 11

How hot are these two yummy statchels from Proenza Schouler's fall collection!!

In yummy black

or Ivy-League brown

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Triumph Inspiration award 2010

I love to see students' work, not only to check out my competition but also to see the new designers and creatives of the world of today. I love to learn about peoples influences and how they come about certain ideas, so when I checked my internet world today I read a fab article about the 'Triumph Inspiration award 2010'.

Young designers from many different countries and many different backgrounds, have created some amazing lingerie designs for their entry pieces for this award. The pieces are incredible. Rankin has photographed the entries while Helena Christensen has modeled each design: the images are recognisably Rankin- shot on a clear background, very focused which is key because the pieces speak for themselves. Overall, there were 27 entries I saw on LOOK Magazine's webpage. Whilst looking through the images I seemed to be more drawn towards the block coloured, more masculine looking pieces, this is my personal preference though really: alongside the masculine pieces there's some cute feminine designs too and I spotted a few futuristic pieces, channeling the late Lee McQueen's work(see france and china entries).

It's great to see the different entries from around the globe because you get to understand the designers inspirations and you get a sense of their country: the atmosphere, the attitude and style. I believe a persons surroundings, wether consciously or not, forms part of their design. Physically- regarding the fabrics and materials used but also metaphorically.

Out of the 27 entries featured, I picked some of my favourites.



Great Britain



Sunday, 22 August 2010

UPDATE: A Sprinkle of SALT.

So I finally got to see the film the other day, after watching countless adverts on the TV, and it lived up to my expectations: I really loved the film. I became quite envious though of Angie, I mean who wouldn't want to be a kick ass detective?!

Anyway, so the more closer it came to the premiere night of the film, Angie has been out and about, I say this so blasé but hey, when you see her at the premieres and promotional events she looks stunning, almost like she hasn't been flown all over the world to promote her film.

So in regards to my last post, I wanted to check out what style choices she has chosen since.

Here's a couple....

Jolie in the french capital. An effortless beauty.

Pamella Roland Gown.

A gorgeous shot. In london.

Elie Saab navy blue, ruffled front dress.

Jolie in London, in a gorgeous Amanda Wakeley dress.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hurts: The Stylish duo.

In this weeks LOOK magazine, there was a small feature on the northern band 'Hurts'. Yes they have had Kylie Minogue feature on their album, but the thing that really struck me was their look.

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson are the band members of this classy, electronic duo. After I saw the image in LOOK I had to check out their webpage to find some more yummy images.

In 09 Hurts was featured band of the day on the Gaurdian's webpage and they finished 4th place in 2010 on the BBC Sound of 2010. However, their first album is released this september: I am excited for the music itself but I cannot wait to check out the CD sleeve. Previously, their style and music has been compared to

'A moody and exceedingly stylish duo from Manchester, Hurts inhabit an enigmatic, cinematic black & white world where they construct melancholic 1980s-inspired electro-pop'.

At this time, images really will speak louder than words....

Scarlett Johansson for MANGO- the adverts.

Have you guys seen the new Mango AW10 ad campaign, featuring, again, the natural beauty that is Scarlett Johansson?

I don't really buy Mango clothing, mainly because we don't have a store near by, but when I visit a city and I see a store I go in to check out all the lovely accessories and timeless fashion pieces. I like the companies advertisig campaigns too- specifically when Penelope Cruz became the face of the brand, and I do like Scarlett in the new campaign but I just feel the picture editors have taken away some of Scarlett's universal look. She is known to be quite curvacious and in my opinion she opposes 'the celebrity' look.

The ad campaign was shot by photographer Mario Sorrenti in Los Angeles: the stylist, Camilla Nickerson, make-up artist Stéphane Marais and hair stylist Oribe, completed the team for the shoot. Each artist here is amazing at what they do, the picture editors really don't need to photoshop the image to the extent they seem to have done for this campaign.

What do you guys think about the campaign?

Friday, 20 August 2010

GAP: Premium Pant Collection

Has everyone seen the new 'hot-pants' at GAP?? No I'm not talking teeny tiny shorts, I'm talking the amazingly stylish Premium Pant collection GAP has brought to our fashion beady eyes.

There's 8 key fits so there's something for everyone. From the press images I have seen, they all look really yummy. I think I'm going to invest in the relaxed cropped trousers. With this pair I would dress them down with a camel coloured tank top, tucked in at the waist with brogues or I would put it with a coloured leopard print T and some amazing heeled boots and you have your saturday night outfit sorted. Mind you, the other fits would do the same thing....the slim cropped, really skinny and the modern bootcut (which is THE trouser shape for AW10).

If you want to read more about these yummy new fits, read this.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gorgeous @ Loewe

These images are just stunning...I needed to share.

This is my favourite. I love the tone of the whole photograph and the styling is stunningly simple but gorgeous.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

I would have loved to have gone to Vintage at Goodwood; seeing all the clothes, the amazing styling, the accessories everything....and I kinda did (-ish) with having the internet you really do have the world at your fingertips. I have seen so many street style shots from the amazing event. Ladies and gents dressed in 30's, 40's, 50's clothing is great to look at. I have a feeling that some of the 'vintage pieces' worn may not be authentic vintage pieces but still highly vintage inspired.

So after looking through a ton of images I've picked a few of my favourites.

This is very new season prada: the beehive, the pattern on the clothing..the yummy clasp ladylike bag. Love the look.

This 60's look is very now too, very 'The like' bands' styling, if you check out my past post you can see the massive resemblance.

I love the silhouette of this dress and the natural colour tones in the ornate pattern are stunning too. The hair accessory is gorgeous and very 1950's.

I love this womans look, the bottle green beret, the pencil skirt, the ladylike handbag..very french working girl.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Jason Bell: An Englishman in New York

I picked up the paper today and saw a great article that ticks all my boxes.

New york. Photography. Britishness. People. Portraiture.

The article and interview discussed Jason Bell's photography exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery (from 24th August), showcasing his beautiful imagery of british people/celebrities who have moved to New York to fulfil their childhood dream.

Sitters include the likes of Kate Winslet, Jana Kennedy, Hamish Bowles, Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett (an englishman, who looks slightly italian) who owns A Salt and Battery fish 'n' chip shop and the Tea and Sympathy cafe. It was in this specific cafe that Bell was working in, on a shoot and thought of the ideas surrounding British people moving to the 'capital of the world' and decided to pursue this through his photography, resulting in this exhibition. From the images in the newspaper, the exhibition looks like it's going to be exceptional.

Friday, 13 August 2010

So beautiful, naturally.

Who's looking forward to waking up and not having to 'put your face on' before work or uni? I am.

We have seen the natural look before on the catwalk but this season, the natural look looks even more natural, if that makes sense.

Seen at Thakoon, Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Burberry Prorsum.

(if you ladies want to make your natural look look perfect, at the minute The Painted Lady in london has a special price for a combined blow dry and manicure...lets think of it as the natural, bed head look with a bit of polish :)

'The Row' had a fabulous front row.

The front row has become as much a part of the catwalk show as the clothes: every season the front rows are filled with fabulous people from the industry and it's quite unusual for a first time collection, from a new designer, for the front row to be filled with the likes of Chloë Sevigny and Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan, but then again the Olsen twins are no strangers to the fashion industry.

Fall A/W10 saw the first presented collection from the very chic and stylish Olsen twins, and my my my, their pieces were stunning with a simple but chic elegance. The colour palette was so Olsen (i.e black, navy and white) the collection had a variety of yummy fabrics and many pieces looked as if they had come straight out of the twins' wardrobe. This is great if you like the Olsen twins' style, which I do. I really loved the opening outfit, although quite basic the material, the cut and the added styling accessory, a tan belt tied at the waist, makes the coat a whole lot more yummy. The accessories were few and far between but in terms of accessorising this collection it really was quality over quantity.