Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Yohji Yamamoto: Pure Genius

I am very excited to see this film.

This week in fact, I am in london attending Graduate Fashion week which will be fab! but whilst I'm in london, I might try and go see Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A, has anyone seen the exhibit? Thoughts?

Yohji Yamamoto: This Is My Dream from Hintmag.com on Vimeo.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Fashion Promotion with Styling: Class of 2011

As we have finished our university year, and also my university life, as a creative group we have a class of 2011 Tumblr with each of our contact details alongside our imagery, please visit it.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Donnie Darko

So my first film I watched for research purposes, was 2001's 'Donnie Darko' featuring a very young Jake Gyllenhaal, and my oh my was that film strange.Give it, it wasn't heavily sci-fi, but it did look at time travel and there was one main, highly odd, costume that run throughout the film.

Donnie is a very troubled teen, and he seems to find some crazy solace with his friend Frank, who appears from time to time in the film. Frank is a large bunny which only Donnie can see...see what I mean, a little odd. Donnie is a schizophrenic with a history of violence, and only recently has he stopped taking his medication and it's with this, that Frank appears in Donnie's life. Frank comes with news that the world is going to end soon and Donnie with this information, seems to begin to take a little control of his life, and the events that happen in his life, well not sane Donnie. When Frank visits Donnie he influences him to do certain things like flood his school, burn down buildings etc and it's all these events that seem to change and shape Donnie's future.

The film is quite a deep film, and with time travel as a key theme it can be confusing at times but I still quite enjoyed it, I would definitely recommend the film. It seems to be a classic, in fact, Donnie Darko is in the top 5 of Australia's My Favourite Film poll.

In terms of costume, as I've mentioned one key costume that ran throughout the film was Frank's bunny character, when you hear the word bunny, I think cute, soft small animal, not a grey, ghostly looking bunny with an evil face and grin. When I first saw Frank, my initial feeling was to laugh, maybe it was a nervous laughter because Frank is no cute bunny. Although the costume looks quite easy to create and seems like a simple idea, it's always those simple things that can really work. I went to see 'Insidious' at the cinema last week and although I did like the film, the constant shock, screaming and jumping did get a little tedious, I felt that the film would have been that little more creative by keeping those silences in the film, and playing with the viewers' mind. This is something I think Frank's character does, because it's such a simple costume but still eerily scary, it really works.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Diary Talk.

Although I have now finished my Fashion Promotion with Styling course, a little work has followed my exit, which is always fab!

I am attending Graduate Fashion Week on the 5th June, I have my exhibition private view on the 10th June, on the 11th June and the 12th June I am involved in 'The Stylist's Closet' at the Trafford Centre where I will offer personal style advise to the male customer and then to finish off, I am a costume assistant for London based artist & filmmaker, Shezad Dawood's new feature length science fiction film, Piercing Brightness, so over these next couple of months i'm busy busy busy which is really great, after my last hand in yesterday I didn't want my schedule to become stale, and with all this ahead it looks like it's getting busier.

I will keep you guys updated of my whereabouts over these two months, I will try and post as many photos as possible to show you a glimpse into my world right now.

So with all this ahead of me something tells me I need to brush up a little on my sci fi film knowledge, I might start with Blade Runner or 1930's classic Metropolis: i'm planning on posting my ideas and thoughts of each film I watch into the run up on here, kind of giving a little review. I'm excited about these next couple of months, meeting new people, making new contacts and getting into the industry.


In my days of madness with me finishing my exhibition stand, I can get a little repose from this gorgeous image.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

'Get It Loud in Libraries' collages

I wanted to share with you lovely readers, my collage work I have developed for my 'Get it Loud in Libraries' brief we did earlier this year, to better my portfolio. I did have a sketchblog running alongside this brief you can see that here.

Here's my final images. (all on A3, portrait)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Global Cool: Fancy having a Traincation?

If your a reader of my blog you might remember back to my post I wrote, after a fab evening out at the Global Cool: Turn up the style, turn down the heat, event held in Leeds back in January. That event was simply amazing, not only did we refashion clothing, eat yummy cupcakes and meet new faces, we were also blissfully being taught how to keep green. Global Cool's ethic and campaign of one that encourages people to think differently about greener lifestyles is a real trend at the minute within consumer thinking, yet Global Cool is a company that doesn't want to keep this as a trend alone, but is one that wants to make this idea become a real lifestyle.

Head to there website to see some fab articles looking at fashion, sport, entertainment, travel and some extra greenery. Oh and don't forget to check out their fab competitions too!

At the minute Global Cool is running such a great competition where you can win two tickets for a Traincation to Bern, in Switzerland, to the Gurten Music Festival from July 13-18th where you could see bands such as Kasabian, Plan B, Arctic Monkeys and plenty more. For an entry all you have to do is (via facebook) tell Global Cool which artist and song you would love to listen to on the Traincation (personally mine would have to be James Blake, 'Limit to your Love' or maybe Zero 7 'In the Waiting Line') then get all your friends to vote for your suggestion…simple.

Get yourself over to facebook.com now to get involved! Good luck everyone.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011