Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Diary Talk.

Although I have now finished my Fashion Promotion with Styling course, a little work has followed my exit, which is always fab!

I am attending Graduate Fashion Week on the 5th June, I have my exhibition private view on the 10th June, on the 11th June and the 12th June I am involved in 'The Stylist's Closet' at the Trafford Centre where I will offer personal style advise to the male customer and then to finish off, I am a costume assistant for London based artist & filmmaker, Shezad Dawood's new feature length science fiction film, Piercing Brightness, so over these next couple of months i'm busy busy busy which is really great, after my last hand in yesterday I didn't want my schedule to become stale, and with all this ahead it looks like it's getting busier.

I will keep you guys updated of my whereabouts over these two months, I will try and post as many photos as possible to show you a glimpse into my world right now.

So with all this ahead of me something tells me I need to brush up a little on my sci fi film knowledge, I might start with Blade Runner or 1930's classic Metropolis: i'm planning on posting my ideas and thoughts of each film I watch into the run up on here, kind of giving a little review. I'm excited about these next couple of months, meeting new people, making new contacts and getting into the industry.

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