Saturday, 21 August 2010

Hurts: The Stylish duo.

In this weeks LOOK magazine, there was a small feature on the northern band 'Hurts'. Yes they have had Kylie Minogue feature on their album, but the thing that really struck me was their look.

Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson are the band members of this classy, electronic duo. After I saw the image in LOOK I had to check out their webpage to find some more yummy images.

In 09 Hurts was featured band of the day on the Gaurdian's webpage and they finished 4th place in 2010 on the BBC Sound of 2010. However, their first album is released this september: I am excited for the music itself but I cannot wait to check out the CD sleeve. Previously, their style and music has been compared to

'A moody and exceedingly stylish duo from Manchester, Hurts inhabit an enigmatic, cinematic black & white world where they construct melancholic 1980s-inspired electro-pop'.

At this time, images really will speak louder than words....

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Marian said...

i like their look