Monday, 20 September 2010

Holly Fulton SS/11

There was fun and colour at Holly Fulton's SS/11 show.

From the live streamed london fashion week shows I've seen over the week, Fulton's has definatly been one of the most colourful I have seen for SS/11.

The first look was a 'crazy paving' patterned blouse in loud tangerine tucked into a pencil skirt, which had added, what looked like faux fur, trimming to the seams:see what I mean, very playfull and so Fulton.

The collection brought to mind the Aztecs: the print and the embellished pieces specifically took me to this time- the colour too, there was plenty of fleshy tones all highlighted with emebellished necklines: the embelishment also enhanced the silhouette by trimming and framing the pieces. The collection was quite ethnic in inspiration.

Again we saw the skater girl skirt with some enveloped with furry-like trimming and as for accessories: the arm candy was chunky and shiny and the handbags carried were very boxy and quite mascuine in comparison with the overall look.

The sense I got from the show was of a 1970's glamour model/celeb sat by the poolside sipping cocktails wearing heavy costume jewelry, with her pulled back bouffant 70's do, catching some rays. A fab show and an exciting look into SS/11.

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