Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ashish SS/11

The video above is the music that accomppanied the Western themed Ashish london fashion week show. It has a fab and playful beat to it, much like the collection today.

I believe Ashish may have seen ToyStory 3, loved the film and wanted to create replica adult sized costumes, only much more glamorous and with a fashion twist for SS/11.

The first look to hit the runway (the models gave the runway a ton of attitude) was a Cowgirl, yes a cowgirl, with the hat and the boots, everything.

For the show, the boots seemed to become an advertising space for brands, specifically with MacDonalds, which is quite ironic considering the song. The golden arches were spread all over the footwear. However, this may sound very costume-like, maybe a fancy dress idea, but you can see Ashish's influences and his style is influenced by fashion. The fringing in the pieces for instance is gonna be a trend for SS11: I've seen fringing on recent shows in the past few days, maybe not this literal but still fringing is key. I felt an androgynous theme with this collection too, although there were some dresses, in sequinned leopard print, but some of the structure and silhouette of some pieces was quite masculine. Underneath the fringing you saw glimpses of the lovely loose trouser, in nude tones acting almost like a back drop to Ashish's artwork. The relaxed fit seem to run throughout the show too which is fab for SS11.

There was one look which took comfort to it's extremes: the model was dressed in sweats-soft, grey marl sweats with added fringing to the pockets and side seams of the trousers, so if you are feeling the fringing trend and want to see it in your wardrobe next season get those pins out and add fringing to some of your basic wardrobe staples.

When looking at past collections of the designers, you understand that from the outside the show looks fun and playful, but I think there's an underlying thought to his 'out-there' pieces.

A fun show and what a way to bring Jessie the cowgirl (Woody's friend in ToyStory) to life.

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