Sunday, 28 February 2010

Is it EVA a Wise comment?

I read an article in the Observer Magazine, 'Here's one I made earlier', an article on the 'fashion' of celebrities' children being a smaller version of themselves.

For my last group photography project, we looked into role reversal for the theme, which you guys can see here, so it was quite an interesting read as the subject is one which I am always questioning.

However, when I read said article, I felt dissappointed by the journalist. The writer of the article, Eva Wiseman seemed to be promoting this idea, '... dressed in mini versions of their parents' signature costumes, really make the sartorial heart go boom' it may well have just be my own attitude when I approached the article, as I don't believe in having the kids as a 'trend' or as a 'fashion' statement, OK, if the children want to express themselves through their clothing, and the choices are appropriate for their age, then yes im all for this, but to have them dressing exactly like their parents, isn't this defeating the idea of letting your children have their individuality?

Then Wiseman began to regain my confidence, 'Then one bright morning...' talking of Jordan's 'Sickest Stunt', that of dressing Princess as Jordon, dressing her as Katie Price would have been enough but Jordon?? come on Katie, don't you have an award for Best Mother or something??? But my confidence was premature, yes I agree with Wiseman that 'It was an explosion of postmodernity' but then she goes on to say it was a week of good news?!? Good news? I do agree with the statement that 'they are mocking up the next OK! generation', but she doesn't further this with any negative opinion. Maybe I read it wrong, maybe it was an article just discussing the concept and not really questioning wether it's right or wrong. I don't know, but I know my own opinion on'The dressed-up kids, with their scaled-down accessories and tiny little shoes, providing more room for the star to sparkle'.

What do you guys reckon?

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