Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Burberry Prorsum fall 10.Live.

I was very excited for the Burberry show today, I love the brand's english look and style and Burberry's trademark trench coats are always beautiful.

Whilst waiting for the show to start, usually we are able to watch through the live stream, the audience members being located their seats, we are able to ogle at Wintour without feeling nervy, but for Burberry this wasn't good enough, thank heavens really because we were able to watch short clips of the run up to the catwalk show which made the whole feeling as if your actually there with all the surrounding hype, that much stronger: we were able to see interviews with celebrities including; Twiggy, The Olsen twins, The Kooks and not forgetting George Craig, one of the male models for the s/s10 Burberry campaign advertisements.

The presenter interviewed Anna de Rijk, a model walking for Burberry to catch up on the atmosphere backstage and to also get her opinion on the collection,

'Burberry has a lot of character, this collection is naturally elegant'.

We also had the chance to see a small interview with Christopher Bailey where he stated what he wanted to achieve with this show,

'The show is not only about the clothing but about the scent of the room, who your sat next to, the music.....the emotion that you leave with is about understanding the point of view that Burberry has'.

The show certainly did not disappoint, here are my notes that I scribbled down the whole way through the show;

-outerwear-BIG-key to show
-trenchcoat looks-big collars, cinched waists, gold buttons, bowed tied at the back
-fabrics-leather, fur (guys and gals), ruched fabrics
-colour palette-khaki, midnight blue, fuschia, cranberry, dusty camel, oil splashed grey, mustard, black (v.similar to jaegar ldn)
-model had a very natural look. Hair free flowing and make up nude
-shoes- ankle boots, Knee High blackleather shoes (you couldn't distinguish sometimes between where the trousers end and the shoes began, which is most definately a good thing)
-buckles everywhere-collars, cuffs, shoes, bags/zips-functional and some not/studs/buttons-gold military looking
-shape-power shoulder/outerwear-big, baggy, structured differently
-feeling-60's londoner
-wearable collection
-low slung baggy bags, clutch bags-masculine style, feminine colour
-gorgeous lace navy blue shirt
-music-folk rock
-favourite piece- black leather jacket with sheepskin lining with oversized collar and cuffs

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