Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Character Profiling

Over the weekend I bought the Sunday times newspaper to catch up on, well, the news obviously but to also get a look at the Style Magazine as I knew it would cover a catwalk report so I wanted to have a good gander.


In the Style Magazine there was a fashion story which proves very useful to my project at the minute, the name of the shoot,'New Tribes' was photographed by John Lindquist and Styled by James Jeanette Main.

The story was basically about 4 types of 'The New It-girl'; the Euro Socialista, the Eco Bunny, the Creative Assistant and the Art Poseur. The stylist, James, really had to understand the character of these types of women and emphasise these types with not only their clothing but with their added accessories and style. This again links back to an earlier post where I spoke about accessories helping to characterise a certain person etc.

My favourite look out of the story has to be the Art Poseur, I just love the mix of fabrics: she wears a Nail leather jacket (made to order by Gareth Pugh) against satin jodhpurs (above). The added quirky hat with a pink flower and oversized handbag to carry her SLR, paintbrushes and her journal all add to this character profile of this type/style of person.

Euro Socialista- always with.....

- latest accessories
- scene grabbing jewelry
- the new blackberry
- starbucks coffee
- celeb friends on speedial
- o and not forgetting a B.A (Bad attitude....well sometimes)

Creative Assistant- always with...
- hundreds of bags, camera cases, tripods
- journal
- next seasons clothing
- their bosses handbags (well they are assisting)
- tit-tape/scissors/memory cards
- o and again not forgetting their bosses skinny soy gluten free milk free no added sugar extra hot extra shot latte

Eco Bunny- always with....
- their grandads bicycle
- a selection of small handheld gardening tools
- very little if at all any product in their hair
- recycled bag, shoes, scarf, jacket,
- o and not forgetting a checklist of the following months farmers food markets

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