Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Accessories....rings, bracelets and necklaces...oh my..

When Im out spending money I don't actually have, im usually buying accessories and basics for my wardrobe (that's already full of accessories and basics, I have an addiction...:s)rather than the latest dress. So I wanted to share some of my treasures with yourselves... :) Bought from everywhere from charity shops to topshop, to made to measure pieces to cheap stuff from Asda!

I love what accessories can do to an outfit and what certain accessories can say about your character. It's so odd yet fantastic how accessories can change a whole outfit, and for all us skint students it's brilliant, we can just sling a white t on and add different accessories for different occassions to give the look another feel. I especially love those accessories that are that versatile that you can wear them at different occasions, for instance a hair piece could easily be plonked on your head for uni, yet the week before you could have just worn it to your best mates, cousins nieces wedding!

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