Sunday, 17 January 2010

La Vie en Rose

Yesterday I was woken up to a lovely cappuccino in bed and watched the film La Vie en Rose to kick start my day.

The capuccino was was the beautiful film (directed by Olivier Dahan).

After seeing the film Nine the other day I have a little obsession with Marion Cotillard. She is stunning. Maybe not so much in this film, but still, shes an amazing actress, she presented the character of Edith Piaf, the tragic, sometimes bossy 'artiste', ever so gracefully.

The art direction of the film I love: the lighting and the interior used throughout really highlights Edith's character. The location, mainly Paris, shows a different side of the city we aren't that familiar with in films, it seemed to be a whole lot more grittier and dirtier than the usual chic look we normally get of Paris. Obviously the choice was made to again evoke Edith's distressed character and life background.

The film is very inspirational not only for the imagery you can get from it but the fashions also. The movie is full of flashbacks, balancing between Edith's younger self to the boystress usually drunken 20 year old, to the sophisticated 30 year old and finally to her golden years.

If you like the french language, love subtitled films and want to watch a good movie, buy this.

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