Saturday, 30 January 2010

Rankin 'Breeding'

In some of my past work, and my work today, when styling I very rarely style a female model very girly, and sweet looking, I like to give her attitude, dressing her more masculine than feminine and sometimes play with the idea of gender in the fahion story, so when we had our lecture the other day on models vs pose, and Adam (my lecturer) showed us a slideshow of models/photographers etc and we came across Rankins project, 'Breeding' whilst discussing the role of a model, I loved the simple imagery and I couldn't believe that I haven't come across this project before.

'Breeding' is primarily portrait shots, by Rankin, in black and white format. Rankin is well known for being a fashion/advertising photographer alongside high profile projects and collaborations. In this specific project he shows his depth as a photographer and subtlety. The images in 'Breeding' are questioning, they really bring the onlooker into the images and make the reader question the sex of the model. The androgony of the models is amazing and only makes the reader that more confused. I love the idea of the project and the images themselves. I may need to buy the book.....

Models included in the project are Kate Moss and Helena Christensen.
Follow this link to check out the images, enjoy :)

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