Thursday, 14 January 2010

Seminar Task- Fashion Photgraphy

For our next seminar we were given a little task of reading an essay about photography in the 1990's, from the text 'Fashioning Fiction in photography Since 1990'

When I read the text (which, if you follow this link, are able to see some images the text actually talks about) the general sense I got from it was that it was catargorised into two sections (that may blur at times): the photograph as an idealized notion vs a real life/realistic shot.

The text discussed cinematic shots - the snapshot which highlighted the more 'autobiographical picture'; the set up, elegant images taken in the 50's in comparison to the more gritty images of the 90's; commercial photographic techniques for magazines and the family album aesthetic. The text refers to many photographers some I have heard of others not (I know very bad of me) so I decided to look at some of the work and photographers listed;

Philip-lorca diCorcia - 'best known contemporary exempler of the fusion of self-conscious cinematic photography'

I love Philip's use of lighting and the location choice is stunning. The models don't look like your average model also, making the image look more like a film still than a photograph.

Corinne Day - the 'real life', gritty photographer

I love the setting for these photographs also, although very different from Philip's location. The lighting also helps in making the image look more real life.

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